Blodsrit - Nazgul

Blodsrit – The Revival Starts Here (Interview)

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb. February 16, 2001.

Blodsrit - NazgulRising from the ashes of the old style black metal and rejecting the growing ‘advanced’ and ‘technical’ sound that Black Metal is incorporating came BLODSRIT.
The Blodsrit ideal was formed in 1998 and originally called Skuggrike. After a short while Nazgul parted with his bandmate at the time and decided to continue the band alone under the new title Blodsrit. The name taken from a heathen ritual in which participants sacrifice blood in order to gain better crops, love life and so on. An apt name for a band that treasures the past and creates ritualistic music.
The first recording was the demo “Dödens Sändebud” (messenger of death.) A harsh album with simplistic and melodic rhythms, reminiscent of old Burzum recordings. Psychic Scream Entertainment managed to get hold of one of the 25 produced copies and signed Blodsrit for one split-CD release with Ritual Orchestra (released in 2000.) Unhappy with the quality of their contribution, the album was still well received and allowed Blodsrit to start becoming a recognised name in the metal underground.
The first full-length album was contracted to French label Chanteloup Creations entitled “Supreme Misanthropy.” Sadly the company decided to shut down before the release, and so the contract was handed over to Oakenshield records (sub-label of Adipocere Records.) As Oakenshield was releasing “Supreme Misanthropy”, Nazgul decided to search for a drummer. Fiebig joined the group, and in 2001 they decided to work together on a new promo “Secrets Unveiled.” Oakenshield finally released “Supreme Misanthropy” around the same time to instant acclaim.

I managed to talk to Nazgul about life, death, Blodsrit and politics.

nazgul2BlackMetalWeb: Your newest release is Secrets Unveiled. Firstly, are you happy with it, and how does it differ from your previous recordings?

Nazgul: Yeah, I think that by this recording we have taken a huge step forward and in some way we have brought Blodsrit into a new dimension. The main difference is of course that I have recruited Fiebig on drums, after getting bored of the monotonous sound of the drum machine that was used on the previous recordings. I take real pride in the “Secrets Unveiled” promo. It is by far the best recording we have ever made.

BlackMetalWeb: And I guess you want it to lead to a record deal for a full length album?

Nazgul: The last album “Supreme Misanthropy” was released by Oakenshield which is a sublabel of Adipocere Records and they are still willing to release further albums with Blodsrit. We are currently discussing a new contract deal, so we’ll just see what happens. Even though I am extremely satisfied with their work for Blodsrit I am interested to see every option, so I will wait to sign any contract until I am sure what I can choose from.

BlackMetalWeb: A very wise decision. I was visiting a recording session with , and he did that exact thing, and now he deeply regrets it!!

Nazgul: You mean that he signed a contract and then received a better deal for his band?? Damn, that must feel extremely lousy. I mean, there are loads of labels out there that just prints the album and then hope that they will sell themselves. An album needs to be promoted with advertising and free promotional copies sent out worldwide. Oakenshield has sent out 500 promo copies of the album, but so far I haven’t seen any advertising of the album, and that is not really good.. so promotion wise they can get better of course.

BlackMetalWeb: Are you happy with the overall reception of Blodsrit in the years you have been recording?

Nazgul: Yeah I think that most people have received the music of Blodsrit just the way I wanted it. I am of the opinion that Black Metal is meant to be raw and harsh. It was never meant to be beautiful and of course a small percentage of all the mails I have received have been sent from losers thinking that they’ll download some music sounding like Dimmu Borgir or something, so they have gotten rather disappointed, haha.. I hate them.. But overall the recordings that have been released have been raised towards the skies. There seem to be a lot of fans out there still appreciating true old fashioned style black metal

BlackMetalWeb: Sounds like a great response overall. I was going to ask you what you thought black metal should be. This will lead to my next question of who your influences are – both with music, and in creativity (art/movies etc.)

Nazgul: Musically I must say that bands like Darkthrone, Ildjarn, Burzum, Marduk and Bathory have inspired me the most. They are definitely the kings of primitive Black Metal. Other influences for lyrical topics can easily be drawn from a lot of things. I read a lot, mostly fantasy books and historical war stories from when Sweden still was a heathen country, and that definitely inspires me. Also my own personal views upon life and death is often referred in the lyrics that I create.

BlackMetalWeb: So I won’t find you at the store buying the latest trendy BM CD then…

Nazgul: No, it is very rare that I buy any albums at all. I listen to exactly the same bands that I started listening to years ago, but sure it happens that I sometimes hear something great from a new band every now and then we gather to drink some beers..

BlackMetalWeb: Do you follow a belief? From what you said, it reminds me partly of Vikernes’ philosophy.
Also, could you give a summary of themes you cover in your lyrics…(especially the ones in Swedish)?

Nazgul: I know what I believe in and what I follow, but my views upon everything is in some ways very twisted so it’s hard to explain my beliefs. I would personally say that I am a heathen with satanic ideals. I am a pagan by blood, and my legacy is heathen, but many of my views is purely satanic. I don’t know if this makes any sense.. it’s extremely hard to explain…..
The themes of the lyrics are mostly suicidal, but also the Swedish parts is a praise to the old heathen land of Sweden that we had over 1000 years ago. Overall I would say that death, generally achieved through self-mutilation, violence, and chaos is included in the lyrics.

BlackMetalWeb: Is this Satanic, as in the Church of Satan? I think your views are very deep – they sound very personal.

Nazgul: Both yes and no. I think that the Church of Satan has made quite a few great statements, but also I dislike many of their views upon various matters. I would say that I have taken out the parts that appealed to me and modified it into something that more fits me, so I would never say that I am a follower of their path. I have my own complex thoughts and beliefs upon everything and by that I can only state such sources as referral points to describe in which direction my beliefs go.

BlackMetalWeb: Just one extra question on beliefs: do you have any political views?

Nazgul: No I hate politics. It’s all bullshit. Empty words to get votes. I know that a country needs a government to stay alive and function as it is supposed to, but I never vote or care who wins at all. All parties are the same, and none of them appeal to me.

BlackMetalWeb: What do you think of America, and what it is doing in the world recently. I know how you feel about politics, although I do not know if you keep informed on it.

Nazgul: I think that America has too much power to handle and they consider themselves as some sort of a world police, which sometimes irritates a lot of people. In Sweden we have three guys that was mentioned on the terrorist list released by the FBI and all of their estates and money were frozen immediately. I see this as nothing strange, but…. Now when the Swedish government demanded some proof of terrorist activities, they (USA) said that they were on the list only to prevent them from supporting terrorists. And they had not done anything wrong yet. This is very strange, cause if that is the way then why not incarcerate all of the people globally? I don’t really know and I don’t really care but somehow I very much dislike the USA.

BlackMetalWeb: Going back to music. Can you tell me your views on Sweden’s contribution to Black Metal?…do you take a special interest in your country’s music?

Nazgul: I think that Sweden has some great bands, and in some strange way it seems that almost all great bands derive from Scandinavia (mostly Norway and Sweden).
I personally don’t really care what country bands come from, the main thing is their music and how serious they are with what they do.

BlackMetalWeb: I agree, those countries are certainly the “home lands” of black metal.

Nazgul: Yeah I don’t know why and how, but Sweden and Norway definitely produce the best black metal.

BlackMetalWeb: While I have never been to either country, I get the sense that the landscape and history of those countries really helps in the creation of the music.

Nazgul: Yeah, you’re indeed right.. We have a magnificent nature that is almost taken from the “lord of the rings” books.. majestic mountains and deep dark forests.. I love it.. Also we have our history of Vikings and their wars which is very interesting to read and hear about..

BlackMetalWeb: How do you think Blodsrit is different from most bands?

Nazgul: That is hard for me to say, instead I hope that the listeners find something in Blodsrit that differs a lot from all of the other bands of this genre. I think that we have found a sound that is not really common within the scene and we’ll continue on the path that we now have chosen.

Blodsrit - NazgulBlackMetalWeb: ..and that also leads to another question. How do you prepare for recording?

Nazgul: Preparing for recording? We rehearse a lot before and try out lyrics for the tracks so that we know exactly how we want it to sound during the recording. Also that prevents any boring delays due to re-takes of every riff or drumming.

BlackMetalWeb: if you could perform with any 2 bands for a one-off live show, who would they be?

Nazgul: if we were to play with 2 bands we would most definitely play with Darkthrone and the old Bathory. That would have been an extreme pleasure.. Too bad that Bathory is long gone and Darkthrone does not play live anymore..

BlackMetalWeb: Have you done many gigs? Do you enjoy the experience of performing live, and do you plan to do any more gigs soon?

Nazgul: Actually we have never played live with Blodsrit yet, but we hope to get some gigs. We all have live-experience from our other bands and we are of the opinion that standing on stage is an extreme feeling. So hopefully we’ll get to play at least a few shows in the near future.

BlackMetalWeb: I’m sure you can get some more fans that way.
I read an interview with Fenriz a while ago. He was saying that while a lot of great groups come from Norway there are no clubs or places that actually play black metal. Which helps it remain underground. Is this also true in Sweden?

Nazgul: Yes that situation is the same in Sweden as well. There are very few clubs and places that arrange metal concerts unfortunately. And if it sometimes happens that a show is arranged the audience is very small and extremely boring. At least that is my experience from the shows that we have played at.. sad but true

BlackMetalWeb: So do you think most fans are outside the countries such as Norway/Sweden (e.g., Germany / England / America)And black metal grew there for that fact?—because its a music not for the popular groups but appeals to the individuals and outsiders in society?

Nazgul: Yeah if I speak for myself I would say that it most definitely is so. We have received an enormous amount of fan mails from countries such as Germany, France, Russia, Poland, England and the U.S, but it’s rather quiet from our Scandinavian countries. And I think that the extreme form of music performed within black metal mostly appeals to “outsiders”, and people that wants to distance themselves from the “ordinary” in life. But all in all, I think that the scene in the mentioned countries is far bigger than the northern scene.

BlackMetalWeb: I would like to know your vision of the future of Blodsrit — what you will do next, and in the long term (if you look that far ahead)

Nazgul: The future to come for Blodsrit is yet to be discovered.. We take everything day by day and some what happens. In the meanwhile we’ll just continue rehearsing and making new songs. Also we hope to get some proposals for live shows so that we can bring some terror into the world ourselves..
I see no reason in planning for the future and then see all the plans fall to pieces later on. Also new things keep happening so plans seem to change from day to day..

Blodsrit - NazgulBlackMetalWeb: How do you look at the history of black metal? Specifically in days when it was beginning with the Helvete shop and the church arson’s…do you see those as better days than now?

Nazgul: Times have changed drastically since the beginning of the black metal era, and it was indeed better back then. Black metal was feared and obscure. Now you can hear 10 year olds talk about how great Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth are. Also there are pencil cases with CoF and that was never the intention with black metal.. The glory within the scene is long gone

BlackMetalWeb: I completely agree. It’s quite sad really. Do you think there will ever be a revival of this underground culture…or has it all be spoiled by the bands you mentioned and other similar groups?

Nazgul: I think maybe in the future this will happen again, but now more and more bands go back to the old fashioned style death metal. That new trend might cause a lot of bands to convert from their black metal into this and that is of course great. Only the ones true to their music will remain, so the future might bring back at least some of the magic that once was found in the black metal scene.

BlackMetalWeb: Your final words, please…

Nazgul: Behold! the world is plagued and humanity is its disease! Be sure to visit and keep your eyes open for our releases! HELL REX DIABOLI, ALL BEAUTY LIES IN DEATH!