Review: Blodsrit – Secrets Unveiled (promo)

After their previous release “Supreme Misanthropy,” Blodsrit (vocals, guitar: Nazgul and new drummer: Fiebig) have come into fruition. The improved production quality is immediately apparent from the first chord as it blasts onto the speakers. The other noticeable element is the new texture of sound created by the addition of a live drummer. Where the programmed drum machine was the let-down in their last outing, the new drummer Fiebig is able to create a background rhythm and momentum that helps the powerful riffs soar. The sound is so powerful in fact that it can often drown out the vocals and demonstrates a change in direction for the band. The roaring screams emanated by Nazgul are now wails from the forest instead of shouting at a microphone, creating a far superior atmosphere.
The title track, “Secrets Unveiled” is a perfect expression of raw power and energy poured into a record. The commanding force that accompanies each song is striking for a band that before was creating slower, perhaps one-dimensional music. Take the riffs hiding in the second track “Rulers of Desolate Lands” this is energetic black metal that would easily rile up an audience into violent dedication.
The final track on this 2001 promo CD is a cover of Darkthrone’s “Transilvanian Hunger”. At first listen I was questioning how much of the Blodsrit sound is their own here. While they are not adding much to the song, the pace is increased and the sound is “fleshed” out. And I think that is a fairly accurate description, to these ears, of the current Blodsrit sound. The previous album was a great example of the revivalist black metal scene, but Blodsrit are their own band now, this is something special!

Promo provided by: Nazgul/Blodsrit

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Review score: 4/5