Review: Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse

An undeniable classic in the realm of black metal. Why? Is it because they were around when it started, or because they have created some of the most chaotic, violent and yet beautiful music in extreme metal?
The two fifteen year olds released “Wrath of the Tyrant” around three years before this. The change is noticeable, but the youthful, raw energy and emotion is still there. The palpable improvements are production quality and musicianship.
It is difficult to decide what leads the sound; an obvious (a perhaps haphazard) emphasis is laid upon keyboards meaning that when they are called upon they dominant the entire sound faintly dulling the other instruments. Yet it is Faust’s percussion spectacle that is outstanding throughout the entire recording. Speeding, leading and expanding drumming and percussion is what truly opens up “…Nightside Eclipse”. Ihsahn’s handling of lead guitar, keyboard and vocal responsibilities is some task, but handled flawlessly. Samoth and Tchort on guitar and bass respectively, again execute their roles expertly. The spectacle presented is awe inspiring, and if it doesn’t send shivers down your spine then you are a hopeless cause.
The song structures lend themselves perfectly to the lyrical stories – and cover art produced by Necrolord – of vast ice-laden landscapes and Norwegian winder wilderness scenes. The expansive sound builds upon a relatively simple base, using this as a starting point they are able to create towers of sound that rise above anything heard before.
There is little more one can say about such a piece of art. Sifting through each track is a null point; the album does not deserve to be mulled over too long but should be recognised and appreciated as it is, by listening to it.
Later releases included two covers and “Inno a Satana” (apparently not available on the original tape release). And if you are looking for the answer to the original question, it should now be obvious.

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Score: 5/5