Review: Shining – III: Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie

Shining want to destroy you!

The idea behind their music is to pull you in and drag you deep into depression. Their fascination with suicide is part of a growing interest within black metal as sub-factions of the genre delve into more extreme methods of expression. Now with Avantgarde Music – leaving fellow terrorists Craft et al. behind at Selbsmord – Shining have not lost an ounce of attitude.

The long drawn out guitars usually pulling at doom metal pace produce the overall aura of the recording. Sped up at times in line with the drumming, and with very occasional solo work they are always in the forefront creating an ocean wave of sound that holds so many emotions and minimal intricacies that may only be apparent when created in your mind. The drums, now fronted by Hellhammer, sound almost sedated as they form the underlying energy beneath the rest of the sound. For the majority of the record they are very utilitarian, they emphasise the mood set by the guitars; but when the pace is increased and the mood heightened they are blasting and heavy-handed machines of painful disgrace. Vocals are painful throat growls, sung in broken passages and allowing long moments of music to pass between the lines. They do not dominate the record, they are yet another element that emphasises the mood and complements the atmosphere.

What is so astounding about Shining is they create music that from the outside is exciting and powerful. Listen to the opening of “Svart Industriell Olycka” the chords pull you up and then drag you down, acting like cheesegraters against your soul. The drumming adds mountains to this initial sound, precise execution of the percussion. Then see how you are dragged into this, and watch as the mood subtly changes. The chords you just heard now sound more menacing, the bass drums heat up. This method is extremely impressive and has been achieved by only a handful of previous black metal bands.

As mentioned earlier, the music created may only be hinting at its true worth. Shining are interested in entering your mind and devastating it. The chords, melodies and patterns they create may only be the starting point of its effect as you interpret it and effectively add to it, adding your own fears and depressed anxieties to the pot. It’s possible Shining were aiming for something of this effect, and it will be very interesting to see the hotile effects it has on people’s psyche.

They surpass their goals. The message and execution is not only well executed but manages to achieve something behind the music. It is not just publicity bullshit to say that the music has the ability to do some serious stuff to you. Buy this, however mentally unstable you are.

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Review score: 5/5