Review: Funeral Mist – Devilry

Four years after their initial demo recording, Funeral Mist does not lack confidence, experience or originality. This is in vein of the past sounds of Mayhem, Marduk etc. but it is not clinging onto their coattails. The Funeral Mist take on that style is broken up, twisted and rearranged to make everything more interesting. A strong mix of black, thrash, death combined to make this a powerful sounding dynamic and fast paced album, perfect for this band. Similarities can also be formed with bands such as Darkmoon (e.g., “Funeral Mist”) who also take the death/black style and title it ‘Battle’ or ‘War’ metal. You will certainly get a sense of warrior-like power within this record.

Drumming is perfected by Necromorbus. Holding the songs tightly together with powerful rhythm, and some expertly placed fills. Vocals range from high roars to gargled growls matching the power-challenge set by the drums. Guitars for much of the time are creating the background for the drums and vocals to play over, they are heard but do not try to do too much. They create equilibrium behind the rest of the noise for it to rest upon and work from.

The overall approach or feel of the album is integrity and competency. There does not seem to be any pretentiousness lurking in this record. From the straightforward, almost effortless sounding performances to the smashed bottle, the drum solo and constant stop-start pacing rhythms, even the laughing throughout the songs. In some ways this sounds like a jam session and is not trying to be something it isn’t.

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Review score: 4/5