Review: Infernum – Damned Majesty (Demo)

Made up of Capricornus and Annextiomarus with Rob Darken helping out, this demo (excluding the obligatory intro and outro) is made up of two relatively short but fearsome tracks. The sound is very dirty, this means that the sound will tear at you rather than hit you.
“Damned Majesty” is at a point where you can see what they intend but could not be executed in such conditions. The levels are all over the place in terms of instrument-placement. Guitars are virtually always lost behind the drumming (possessing a very hollow sound, nevertheless at times a thundering underbelly to the music), vocals and above all keyboards. When introduced the keyboard covers everything else producing an electronic-heavy sound losing much of the atmosphere and reserved beauty achieved with Graveland. The redeeming factor is the vocals that roar venomously through the ominous tones and looming moments found within the ten minute demo.

Overall, the songs are good and possess many qualities that make the harsh Polish sound so appealing.

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Review score: 2/5