Review: Maniac Butcher – Lucan Antikrist

Forgetting the insane cover of their third full-length album, Maniac Butcher prove they deserve their mysterious respect because they create some very impressive metal. Lucan Antikrist is a formation of savage barbarian black metal and grandiose guitar work (similar to that of French bands). It is the type of black metal that is far better experienced than described. To attempt dissecting L.A. would do no justice to the immediate effect it has. The opening song, “Treachery” makes a blunt statement after the evangelical intro and opening vocals. From that point on you will either be swept away or left wondering.
A fairly correct description of Maniac Butcher would be to call them an underground Immortal. The sound is less technical, but the blistering riffing and crunching bass drum are just as evocative, less of winter landscapes more of heated violence. They are also, at times, just as comical.
Vocals are haunting cries with enough reverberation to bounce around the musicianship. That musicianship – guitar, bass, percussion – are an integral unit. In particular the bass guitar is implemented better than most BM groups by possessing a low brooding hum which is more pronounced than most other artists. It adds an extra level which effectively adds to the drums which have a definitive whip effect rather than the common thud. Generally it is a fast paced album, breaking only shortly for slower interludes. It is executed perfectly and is simply a great album. What more needs to be said?

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Review score: 5/5