Review: S.I.S.T. – Kill Yourself . Nobody Loves You

Debut demo from S.I.S.T. Very short, low production, almost unremarkable; and yet apocalyptically prophetic.

The guitar’s power is compressed behind the vocal track and overall production, making it only mildly more important than the percussion. A single broken melody is repeated through each short track. On “Cut Yourself” it creates an abrasive atmosphere, with a unique identity carrying the song. With “I Wish I Was Dead” the guitar is a potential single-string serenade followed by a short drone. However in building up tension the single guitar, with unobtrusive percussion, leaves a sound gap that needs to be filled. To match the grating vocals, something (e.g., second guitar drone or superior percussion) needs to be incorporated to increase the “wall-of-sound”‘s structure. SIST’s vocals are haunted cries in the tortured vain of earliest Burzum. They emit from M.P. as the most aggressive element, akin to Varg’s work not just in the delivery but – it is assumed – in the youthful protégé also. Without wanting to instigate or encourage yet another Burzum clone, establishing a polyrhymic song structure might be exactly what, I feel, is missing. A second, perhaps conflicting, guitar track. Some of the “bulk” is taken up by intermittent stages of sampling through songs, along with an intro/outro track of fire, a cello effect and other distorted echoes.

S.I.S.T. does not focus its odious vision through speed, but the deconstructed philosophy of pain through carnage. Disregarding societal taboo and morality in the pursuit of aural degradation.

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Review score: 2/5