Review: Demonlord – As Bastard as God

Daemonlord implements a duel-vocal attack, two unique (or at least simultaneously distorted) vocal tracks on each stereo-side. The guttural, vomited vocals develop into growls and vice-versa throughout the recording. Combined with the dual guitars this creates the inner conflict of the sound – a powerful, grimy, destructive creature. This would probably place their similarities around death/black acts like Sarcofágo.
Solely the melodic aspect of each song, the guitars – one strum, one pick – act as the defining instrument in creating all atmosphere. The arrangements are executed with skill and unexpectedly imposing results. This is the type of black metal that demands a reaction.
The cassette production as usual will allow bleeding of sound to merge into union. The drum machine is therefore not alienated in the mix; it possesses a power flow rhythm, which keeps the thrash pace.
Daemonlord have their style perfected, the quality and musicianship is obviously of a standard where a full-length release should be produced. Anticipated.

Note: Demonlord is now Daemonlord (since 2002).

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Review score: 4/5