Review: Odium – Blood

This is an instrumental release, the first from Odium. Drums and a guitar. Occasionally bass. Raw, minimalist, black metal. Overall the tone is very reminiscent of Mütiilation’s demented guitar melodies. The pace is very slow, the songs are not rousing but they have an ambient effect.
“Blood” follows this set pattern for virtually the entire disc (just over 32 minutes), breaking only for a sombre acoustic guitar and an interesting bass-fronted finale accompanied by (seemingly) un-amplified guitar.

The recording has an incomplete, unmastered, live quality. Uncaring, callous and destructive in its nature. It does not care to be wrecked by a studio. It just is, and that selfish egoism and self assured stance makes this more than a ‘practice session’. It exists and couldn’t give a fuck what you think.

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Review score: 3/5