Review: Odium – Hatred

Odium’s second record introduces vocals but does not lose any of the minimal, distressed melodies that created the previous release. Much like “Blood”, “Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul” is a clear inspiration and comparative recording. Not as fast and without the insane (but no less intense) vocals, it has the same guitar pitch and style.
“Hatred” carries a dark, loathsome atmosphere presented best when played slowly, vocals burning in the guitar mist. Angry, snarled unholy scriptures.
Compared to masters of deranged and minimal Black Metal; Mütiilation, Ildjarn etc. Odium could be seen as subdued. This is a wrong assessment. Odium is esoteric, less overt sharing more with Vlad Tepes and similar French hordes. Yet often overlooked within this sub-genre.
Tracks such as “Dreams” demonstrate the ability to create evocative pieces. Simplicity can invoke aggression to match the most delicate composition.

Odium again has an incomplete, unmastered quality. A self-existent testament of knuckle edge venom, presented with first take emotion.

Originally posted on BlackMetalWeb
Review score: 4/5