Unnamed Interview

sidebarThis cassette release is from the same unnamed project we distributed earlier this year under the title: 1111000000000000 – Demo 1. A creation of powerful, chilling and haunting “Black Noise”, this tape sold out the same evening it was added to the distro!
Cthulhic Dawn Productions (run by Lord Weird – Terrorgoat/MotherGoat) have released the second demo tape, and we have acquired several copies from the limited stocks. It is available now for the normal price. Demo II is another creation of mysterious occult noise that when played causes aspirations of grotesque horrors to appear inside huge stone halls. Your inferior shell can only hide in the shadows as these creations evolve and wander the long decaying corridors.

Todestrieb managed to contact the “Human” voice of this obscure creation, and ask a few short questions.
This is possibly the only Interview you will ever read from this entity. There are no contact details or other information outside of these scarce recordings and the following Words :

Interview with …
02 November 2004

Can you present any relevant background to this mysterious project?

The origins of this project are as the true origins of time: where and why? There is no true answer, only propaganda and convenient prophecy made by “wise men”. What you hear and what a mind creates is what it is, and still that is wrong. If anyone says its “Satanic”, it is, but it is not. People see Satan with a physical form, so therefore Satanic is a dirty term for this. “Pagan” or “Heathen” is the term deluded teens give it, as Christians and Victorians gave the “Funny Ancient people”. “Evil” is apt, but still in the shape of a word so therefore still incorrect.
In a true way, there is no answer. Why and how it was created I alone know, and I still have no full answer, I am a messenger of the mind, not a priest of words.
How I record and what I use is not being revealed at this time, and possibly any time (aside from a few (read; 2 or 3 people) I can trust), however I will say the “Instruments” are usually quite crude, and currently my recording equipment is broken, but it can be easily replaced.

Your first demo had many hidden, layered sounds lurking. Was this purposeful or a spontaneous creation that birthed itself naturally?

coverfirstMy demo? Heh! Not the best way to describe it in my mind, but it was recorded by me I suppose.
I wont say as to how things are done in a literal manner (as stated above) but like most things I have had involvement with, they just evolve rather then have a set concept. Every rigid system is impressive for a while, but once they try to move they break and fail.

I believe your immediate plans are a second demo on Cthulhic Dawn Prods. and a split with Terrorgoat. Are there other scheduled releases–what can be expected from these?

Hum… someone has been playing Chinese whispers it seems. I’ve only mentioned the idea of a split with Terrorgoat once, and it certainly was not with Lord Weird.
Regardless, I have a number of things ready that I plan to compile (possibly 2 or 3 demos), however when (and if) they are released is yet to be seen.
The Second demo should be out, and I was under the understanding it had been distroed (to a degree), but that’s possibly because of my lack of contact with people. I know the second demo is more… professional sounding in a way, but beyond that I don’t think there is much to say really.
There are two MAJOR items I am being quite ambitious with, but that is all I wish to say about that.

What are your goals with this project? Do you have a set objective for its future?

To manipulate the forth dimension and consume time.