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sidebarONWARD TO THE SABBAT is the first release from Lord Chamos. His vision of ritualistic Black Metal is a combination of MEGIDDO (Can) and INQUISITION (Col). The raw power of Megiddo with the majestic Satanic guitar work of Inquisition’s “Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult”!
Worshippers of “…Ancient Cult” will probably recognise some of the chords/slow riffs on this disc, but they again hold power with BoW, and are perfectly utilized when emerging from the oppressive ‘buzzsaw’ core. The production and vocals are not as Inquisition, which makes for a new experience of some killer Occult Black Devil Worshipping Black Grim Art!
Onward to the Sabbat is limited to only 100 handnumbered copies, and is sold out from the label. Todestrieb has the very last, and some of the few (if not, only) copies to make it across from America.

The demo is released by new Wisconsin, USA label TERRORWOLFE PRODUCTIONS. Todestrieb contacted TW to introduce both the labels and BoW’s first release, and reveal some background information on the label itself.

Interview with Shane/Terrorwolfe Prods
07 November 2004


Onward to the Sabbat is the first BoW release, can you give some insight into the short history of this project?

coverBorn of Witch was started in 2003 after the break-up of Hellstrike. It is a one man project by Lord Chamos, the vocalist of Hellstrike. His main objective is to create occult ritual black metal, that gives the listener the feeling of being at a sacrificial black mass.

You have scheduled the CD version release of DOM DRACUL “Genocide in the name of Satan”. Can you give any further details? Why did you choose this release?

We are planning on limiting this release to 666 hand-numbered copies. I don’t want to say too much at this point, as we are still finalizing the details of the re-issue.
We chose this release because we like it, and we feel confident standing behind it. We feel it expresses the true essence of underground Satanic black metal. And it needs to be heard by more people that will appreciate and embrace it. So we hope that putting it on cd format will accomplish that.

Do you have any other titles planned for similar re-issuing?

No more re-issues planned at the moment. Are hands are full right now with current releases.

What were the reasons for starting the label? What are the initial objectives you had for Terrorwolfe?

Initially, we started Terrorwolfe to promote our local scene. We wanted to release bands from our area as well as put on shows locally. Although now are focused has shifted to a more worldwide view. We are still very focused on the local scene, but are working with bands and labels from all over the world.
One of our main objectives was to create a label that treats it’s bands the way they should be treated. We hear so many complaints about bands being fucked-over or ripped off by money-making labels. There is no need for that in our scene. All it does is make the scene look bad and it gives ammunition to our enemies. We haven’t made any money yet, and don’t plan to anytime soon.

What do you plan for the future?

Along with the DOM DRACUL re-issue, we have the debut cd from VEIL titled “Dolor.” Both of those should be released around the same time.
Also, we have recently signed the band NOSOPHOROS. They play grim vampyric styled black metal that reminds me of some of the French Black Legions material.

Hopefully we will have the distro up and running in early 2005.

As far as other formats, we are starting out with CD and Tape (Nosophoros) to begin with. We may do vinyl in the future. We are currently talking with another label about liscensing the Born of Witch debut for a vinyl release.
As for future plans, we hope to continue releasing elite black metal, and start bringing true black metal bands to the Wisconsin, USA area.



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