Black Grave Interview

sidebarANVIL OF HATE is the first demo from BLACK GRAVE. The demo was actually ready over a year ago, but only now is available to buy. Todestrieb has been pestering ETERNAL DARKNESS PRODUCTIONS since it was first mentioned early last year.
So now we have the very first copies directly from Herr Grimmthorne.

Todestrieb contacted Grimmthorne for a few words to introduce this demo…

Interview with Grimmthorne
15 December 2004

What possessed you to unearth this black cancer!!!??

Black Grave was an entity which burned inside me for a long time, I wanted to make the audio equivalent of my hatred for certain aspects of life and convey my sense of morbid self loathing. I’m certain most people who hear it wont be able to tap into this aspect of Black Grave, but I couldn’t care less. Black Metal to me is something more than just music. It’s very personal.


Is Anvil of Hate the first recordings, have you any older recordings?

Anvil of Hate is the fist Black Grave recording, but I did have a project under the name of Goat Molestation (nothing to do with Goat Molestör!) several years ago. A demo was recorded which never got released. That stuff was quite different from Black Grave, it was basically a cross between Von and “return…” era Bathory. (Indeed, this was a very harsh and brutal recording!)

Can you give any insight into the writing and recording process?

I could but the way I record is irrelevant. The only thing worth mentioning is while recording I adopt a certain state of mind. I don’t feel like I’m playing songs, it’s more like conjuring some form of irreverent spectre.

Do you have specific influences for this demo?

Nothing that specific really, I don’t think my musical influences are totally obvious. However I could say Satanic Warmaster, Graveland and Kristallnacht to some extent but its not just bands that influence what I write for example, horror writers such as Shaun Hutson and Graham Masterton… and there’s nothing like the sight of a neglected graveyard to fuel the imagination.


What are future plans for Black Grave?

Well with the 1st release still a fresh wound so to speak, I don’t want to rush into the next Black Grave demo yet although some ideas have started to ferment. I have spoken to comrades from Swine and Vanguard about possible shows but I doubt Black Grave will play live not necessarily because of lack of willing people, its more to do with the impracticalities of creating a grim atmosphere in a live setting. If so it won’t be in the near future.

The Horned Master — physical deity / symbolic power / something other?

The Horned Master is an inner manifestation of Satan. It’s the deity we all have within which takes pleasure in morbidity and wrong doing. The urge to cause physical pain, a fixation with the death camps, gas chambers and furnaces of the 3rd Reich, the voice which convinces you to fuck your best friend’s girl, the pleasure we take in watching others suffer.