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sidebarApex of Negativity is the first demo from French relgious Satanist’s CHRISTICIDE!
The Horde was born in 2000, released a promo tape in 2001 and have played a gig with Watain / Secrets of the Moon / Averse Sefira in 2003.

This demo is being distributed around the globe and is a very strong release which should lead to an album this coming year!

Todestrieb wrote to Scars (vocals, lead guitar) !!

Interview with Scars
15 December 2004

You played a first gig almost four months before recording the first demo. So what activities did you achieve in the three years after the 2000 promo tape as CHRISTICIDE and are you (all members) involved in any other projects?

Hails. In fact the promo tape is from 2001 (There is an error on our website). Well during those 3 years, my drummer being no more interested in doing a band, rehearse and create a morbid aura around us and me being the only member, I had spent my time to think about the evolution of the bands, you know … reflect on what I really want, construct solid bases for making of Christicide a real band and not only one more product in the saturated black metal tragedy. Also those years was useful for found some suitable members who shared similar visions both ideologically and musically. I had found Waste (Drummer on ” Apex of negativity ” demo but no longer in the band) and also M.S.T as a bassist who is probably the best soul for bear the Christicide banner of misery. Maybe some of us have some other projects who know? I used to have a fanzine before and some other underground related activities but nothing serious ….

In the lyrics for “He Rises In Me” you create visions of Death, Apocalypse, Destruction of Universe Gates under the Majesty of Unholy Forces. This is how you see Mankinds future? A perfect world is NO world, yes?

Those lyrics were written in a particular moment when uncertainty was ruled in my mind (that’s no longer the case since I have no doubt in faith) and when everything fall behind me. The visions you are talking about are in fact a strong manifestation of what I thought at this time. So I wasn’t speaking of our future but rather MINE, for it was the revelation of a greatness that human words can’t describe, and this greatness was spawned in me as an answer to all my thoughts, doubts, questions. Knowing that, this song speak in fact of the upheaval of my soul, poor little cunt I am …. All was destroyed, including some barrier that materialistic life had to offer. ” He rises in me ” is always my favourite song on the demo and the lyrics means a lot to me, even if they are not so clear, they are very personnal.
I don’t know if NO world would be a perfect world … Of course I enjoy destruction and desolation, but without world our dreams of acid rain burning human flesh, agonizing children and crying mothers, pile of corpses, unbearable mental pain and so on …would be inexistant. I can’t imagine a no world, we can’t, coz it would mean no existence and of course no feeling, no notion of Evil and good, nothing. And also the term ” perfect world ” you stated above would be superfluous coz perfection would be inexistant too.

The lyrics in “Faith and Bloodstench” are killer, very strong writing! This is your own personal statement? You are His tool and His command you follow… He makes you self destruct…what other commands do you receive?

Yes I had wrote the lyrics of “Faith and Bloodstench” but I’m more septic than you on the final result. Don’t misunderstand me, I like them but I think they could be far better with more mysteries and more powerfull feeling put inside. In fact to my opinion they turned out very basic. I am a tool of Satan, like you. This subject has been discuted many times… So I think it wouldn’t be so revelant to know that I work for the glory of Evil, and support Evil in everyday life. It seems that people believes we obey to some order comming straight from the mouth of Satan … It’s very simplistic if you ask me. It’s far more complex and beyond some humanistic conception. It’s a malignant knife in your stomach that bring a lot of negative feeling which are later transformed in act, thoughts … It is so powerfull that you have absolutly no control…. It is what you live, what you breath, what you see, heard, touch, feel, experience…. Non Satanic people don’t see. When you see, there is no other way than worship coz it’s too late. But for answer directly to your question, the only command I “receive” is : Spread Evil , spread Evil, spread Evil , again and again and again…

It is not easy to “compare” your sound to others, which must be good! You are original sound!! But do you have some influence for your music? You covered mighty BLASPHEMY in your promo, and the fury aggression of the Canadians can be heard, along with more raw European Black Metal sound!?!

I’m glad to hear that we can’t be compared with others. Influences rather comes from the aura broadcasted by bands and not only by their musics .We let enter the darkness, let it growing in us and when the time is right we take our instruments and our pen. Our music is the manifestation of the feeling spawned inside us by all sources of darkness. It’s not music for the sake of music. It’s music for the sake of the Devil. But of course albums like Mayhem “De mysteriis dom Sathanas”, Venom “Welcome to hell”, Destroyer 666 “Violence is the prince of this world”, 1st Bathory… had influenced us in a way or an other , in spite of us. Christicide Promo TapeAnd we won’t say the contrary for those album are absolutely magnificent and will stay forever the first brick of a building not yet finished. Solid bricks …
Blasphemy is one of our favourite band since a long time, they create a such filthy and fucked up atmosphere… So it was normal for us to cover “Atomic nuclear desolation” but this cover sucks, like the whole promo tape.

What is your philosophy and beliefs? How does He influence your being and doing? Do you study Occult, could you recommend some reading?

The answer is in the question as you said “He” who mean obviously Satan… This being said + the answer of the question 3 are a good answer to the present question .
My way of life is based on religion. But don’t take religions as a trend; It mean a lot: Notion of worship, faith, Lord goes hand in hand and are also very deep and complex. More than week-end black metalhead must think. Then we come to the second part of the question: I read a lot of book for try to “touch” some secrets (even if it seems pretentious to say that) and also coz my passion for the Devil is very important. I don’t read so much occult book, but sometimes it’s ok, depend of the content … I’m more into theology. The book I actually read is called “The science and the faith” by Hubert Saget. It speak about the opposition between those who explain life by science and religious people. And about the fact that all materialistic things are linked to the science and all other attitude are anti scientific. I can recommend this one for it is very well written and deal with interesting subject such as random, Divine perfection, etc…. there are also some very interesting parallel between scientific and religious notion.

What are the current plans for CHRISTICIDE?

We are working on our first album simply but judiciously called “Christicide” which will contain 8 tracks of a more mature and obscure Black / Evil / death worship / whatever metal. No record label for now.
The songs being finished (Remain some little details) I guess we will record the whole in the year 2005. This time lyrics and music will be pushed to a higher level. But we won’t reveal anything before it is done and we won’t release it until we have done our best in every riffs / words.. Info will be on our website when the time will be right. Regarding gig’s we have some offer here and there but nothing is sure except a gig with Thrombosis and Horrid Flesh in early 2005. Christicide is a live band and we will play as often as we can and everywhere we can. Also our first tshirt will be printed in some month…

This is the first release of your label OFFERING RECORDS. What future creations will you be presenting to your Lord?

Offering 002 is out since a while. It’s a tape from Etmenns derokwis called “Hra -uu” this is very dangerous Satanic ritual music.
Offering 003 will be the Thrombosis demo “Blasphemous terror and desecration” they play a very energic and unhinged carnage Black death metal!
Offering 004 will be a collaboration with the French label Gorification Musixxx and it will be the new demo of Inkisitor. Sick material fore sure

Thanx for the interview. Hail Satan

Scars 2004 / On behalf of Christicide



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