Cruciatus Interview

sidebarCruciatus was formed in late 2002 originally under the name A Retch Of blood (A.R.O.B). For the time the name was much suited to the music, But over time things change. The music grew into much more than what it was and ideals changed thus spawned Cruciatus. Cruciatus is Black Metal not deviating far from the templates set down. The music deals with Ancient spirits, rotten emotions, pure Evil and Misery. The Debut full-length release is finished and is being prepared for release. It is entitled “Victory In Blood, Aeons of loneliness”.

Interview with Horrid
10 February 2005

Cruciatus is the continuation of the AROB project. The reason was changing music but also changing ideals. How did the ideal of AROB/Cruciatus change during this time?

Firstly greetings TTR,

The changes can be put down to a to a slow mental decay. I think looking back that AROB was in a way mindless undirected hate and rage. Now after endless misery and thought, I have recreated AROB as Cruciatus (Torture, Torment.).

Cruciatus is the daily continuous agony of life. The realisation of nothingness and what is to come. To rot alone for what seems like aeons, the voice in your head.

Lyrically is this a personal recording, or something “larger” more ‘philosophic’ / ‘ideological’? It seems to relate to a view beyond humanities gaze, seeing something either empowering or totally nihilistically negative…?

It’s a very personal recording with deep felt emotions carved in it. But it is more than just personal feelings. The gaze is a great misery of mine; one humanity is blind to see. It is in no way is empowering it destroys and decays mentally. It makes you alien to all the others and all that cannot comprehend it. To be able to look long beyond such ignorance and realise what is going on and what is to come.

The comparisons with your other project Hoarstone are obvious (you use the same instruments etc.), so what other bands do you take inspiration from musically?

Although I find some music inspiring I try not to let it influence me in anyway. I get inspiration from many things. Mimicking is tedious. Hoarstone and Cruciatus are based around totally separate ideas. I will always fail to see the similarities that others can see.

What atmospheres can you portray with the ambient keyboards that you can’t portray with guitars (or choose not to portray with guitars)?

Each Keyboard track has a different tale. Guitars don’t hold the capability to add the depth and atmosphere needed for these certain tales. Each Keyboard track explores different realms of ancients and the psychotic mind.

Victory In Blood — can you explain the meaning? Human annihilation, or self destruction…?

“Beyond the pathetic gaze of humans
Which has been seen far and clear.
There is no hope, there is only
Victory In Blood”

The whole thing is somewhat suicidal, the push you need. When the days get darker, and things are at there bleakest. Your victory over life shall be death.