Nuit Noire Interview


sidebarNUIT NOIRE formed in 1997 Toulouse, France. Tenebras and brother Akhron decided to record offerings from the Woods and the next year released “Dans la Nuit” demo. Since that time five demos have been released, and the 7” EP.
Now, exactly six years after the first rehearsals, the debut album is recorded and released by mysterious label Creations of the Night. At the time of recording “Lunar Deflagrations” Akhron left Nuit Noire because he did not agree with the changes, this came at a time the album “Inner Light” was being recorded (more info soon). The entire album was recorded by Tenebras in about four hours. He has now recently found a session drummer for concerts and after a successful gig in Toulouse March 11. 2005 (playing most of the songs from new album and special guitar-only version of “Luttina”) there are plans for future shows.

Drakkar released most of the demo tapes and the Luttina EP. They did not release the current album because of the changes which lead Akhron to leave.

Tenebras has also been involved with bands: Grimoria, Metal Fire, Hawkmoon (one demo 2000), Malicious Secret, Arkham, Darvulia (live drums for one gig).
Akhron now focuses on Darvulia. (Latest release “Belladonna”EP is grim recording of discordant Black Metal)

Other future plans include a four-track EP which is being recorded now (6 April), a tshirt, possibily a live recording which took place in 2003 (at the five year anniversary of Nuit Noire).

Thanks to Tenebras who took the time to answer the questions during a busy work week,
The Night Spirit speaks….


Interview with Tenebras
5 April 2005

You started Nuit Noire in 1997 with your brother, was this the first musical band you played with? Had you made any music before this time?

When I was a child, I played piano for two years but I didn’t really like it. At the age of 17, I was singer in a band in order to play at the end-of-the-year schoolfest. We did covers of Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer. Soon after, I began my first real band, Grimoria, a sort of black metal. One year later, in 1997, I created Nuit Noire and, soon after, I left Grimoria. I never played guitar before Nuit Noire.

Your logo is shown as a gate, what is the meaning of it? What does it open to?

The music of Nuit Noire is made to make you enter in another world, that’s why I made it as a gate.


Your music is from another world – Nuit Noire – it’s correct that through your music you show what this world is like? Could you open your eyes in the world–what would you see? Do any painters or drawers (your brother) show this world?

The music is done to make you feel the magical, mysterious and faerical atmosphere of this world, an infinite forest covered by night and moonlight. Akhron has very well represented it with some drawings and it is also a real place near from Toulouse, where all has begun…

Photos inside your demos and album you carry a sword. Is this something symbolic to you?
Artwork also shows Moon and moonlight as important, true?

The meaning of this sword is very important. A sword is “normally” done to hurt somebody but the tenebras’lunar sword is done to spread the moonlight everywhere in the dark forest. The moonrays can be reflected in all the hidden corners thanks to a “mirror system” activated by the sword and me. I feel good under the moonlight, I don’t know why exactly but it’s like that.


Do you read or practice any magical rites/philosophies ? Or is your magic Nature itself without any influence from you?
What is Magical to you?

I have never read any book of magic or philosophy, and I have never practiced this kind of things. I have my own way of life. Magical are the things coming from strange motivations, innocent energies and pure-hearted ones.

It seems the reaction to Lunar Deflagration is so different and sometimes negative. Personally the only big difference I hear is vocals, but even these are not dramatic difference–they are clear where they “come from”, and they sound very eerie. Guitars and drums sound like ‘traditional’ Nuit Noire to me. Was there any change in style, or other changes? Why do you think the reaction has been like this (if you even care..)

I wouldn’t make a music like this if I took care about people’s ears. Some people listen only to bands who fit with their musical roots. Nuit Noire is not for them. I will maybe surprise you but the positive feedbacks for “lunar deflagration” are far more numerous and intense than the negative ones up to now. Changes? Since 2003, I howl because I have real hystery outbursts and not to make “mechanical” black metal vocals.

Faeries — you connect with the symbolism or do you believe they are real things?
Is the symbolism of being hidden from the world, inside forest and being magical?

I just feel them, this sort of fluid that makes a good sensation in your belly, your back, your neck and your head, when you are happy, you know? And this feeling is almost omnipresent in the forest by night, under the moonlight, far from houses and roads.


Is the song “Faries of Paper” about the famous “Cottingley Fairies”

This song is obviously inspired from this story that represents very well the will to believe in them.

A friend demonstrated the influence from The Smiths with some of your guitars. Do you accept the comparison? What other bands (in any music genres) have given influence to your sound/attitude?

I have never had any occasion to listen to The Smiths. A friend told me some guitar parts could be also compared to some Christian Death’s ones. I think to The Sisters Of Mercy too. This kind of riffs played with shrill notes represents very well little fairy lights fluttering in the deep dark forest.

Is “Creations Of The Night” your label?

It is my label, created in 2004.

How many times has Nuit Noire played live? Do you have big and loyal “following” in France? Have you played much outside France?

In order to answer this question, I have reckoned the number of concerts indexed in the Nuit Noire history and it gave 19, so the next one will be the 20th! I have recently planned to do a concert in the open air in summer 2005, it will be a great occasion! We have fans in France, but no more than somewhere else I think. We just played one time outside France, it was for the Drakkar Hellfest 2002 in the Netherlands with Grand Belial’s Key and Watain as the headliners.

In the first concert as the new lineup you made a black semi-transparent sheet between you and the audience. Do you do this to separate yourself from everyone else, or does it help the atmosphere of the music?

Both reasons at the same time. Audience must feel that we are not of the same world. Just when I put the drape some minutes before playing, all the people in the venue were looking inquirringly at this, and it gave beautiful aesthetics I think. A friend said: “But we won’t see anything!” I answered: “It will be Nuit Noire!”.