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The releases from Malediction Records – NECROMANCER, SERPENT HORDES, BESTIAL CULT – are for followers of Central American scene, underground Black Metal and those who can survive the massive onslaught that only bands like Antikriist, Goat Vulva, Goat Penis, etc have previously provided!

Necromancer have a split EP with Fallen Souls on the cult label Legion of Death, Serpent Hordes will be included on 4-way split on Ordealis.

Serpent Hordes – Triumphant Awakening Of Hell’s Darkest Master (Demo I)
Strange sub-level recording, like listening through a wall. Vocals are very strange, gargled sound! Second track open with ambient part, leading to slightly better recording with growled vocals and some interesting guitar manipulations included within the song. Last track (aparently recorded in 1990) has terrible sound and really unbelieveable drum sound.

Serpent Hordes – In The Name Of Satan (Demo II)
The inspiration from bands like Sarcofago is found here…but productions is so disguisting and raw the similarities are definately not copies! This is brutally raw sound of hell! Prepare yourself, it is difficult to explain how distorted this is!

Serpent Hordes – Satan’s Wrath Unleashed (Demo III)
Distorted, throbbing guitar … barrage of Hellish vocals, overstated and forceful attack! … fast drum punishment.

Necromancer – Three Songs For Satan (Demo I)
Thin guitars play reapeated chords, and here vocals are less distorted yet sound even more evil!

Necromancer – Black Legions (Demo II)
Three tracks of ugly and devastating Black Metal. Killer tape! Morbid and demented guitars with a piercing tone and chords that move from blaring to almost-melodic. All the time with destructive vocals and noisy drums. Overall sound is chaotic. Final track is Necromantic Ritual verion II,2002. This allows more room for guitars with a quieter drum (this time drum machine), thin raw sound, best sound for this!

Bestial Cult – Throne of Blood & Fire (Demo I)
Starting with a drone intro leading to almost Imperceptible maelstrom of vocals, drums and dark undercurrent of guitar ! Extreme representation of rage from unholy invocations!

This interview is with Necromanticus, owner of Malediction Records (the label that put out all above releases), and guitar/vocals in all projects!

Interview with Necromanticus
8 April 2005

How is El Salvador to live? It’s quite poor country I think? How easy to pay for records/printing and such. Any strict laws for music or religion?

Yes, it’s hard to live here, the cost of life is too high and the salaries aren’t enough, and the difference between the low and high class are incredibly abysmal. even to have and mantain a decent car is fucking expensive, it isn´t something everybody has. Buying CD´s and records is expensive here, the few people who buy are so selective with their collections and so am I. So all that depends on the paying capacity of each individual.
Printing covers for records it´s not that expensive but here there are no CD plants when a CD is made here is a CD-r. For Pro-CD´s, they´re manufactured outside the country.
By the moment there aren´t strict laws or religious crap in the path of metal, at least you call the attention so much.

El Salvador is quite a large Christian country, correct? Because of this it builds hatred inside you that comes out in your music?

Yes, Christian crap is all over here, catholics and others. Yes it causes hatred you can´t stand all that ambient, and christian songs etc. And we have to live with it because most members of your family are into christianity, so you just got to swallow hard..

The “Land of Volcanoes”, does your country and nature (destructive natural like vulcano, earthquake etc.) also build your ideas in music?–does nature inspire you at all?

No. Here it trembles very often, is a common thing. Earthquakes have been devastating here, but I don´t feel any musical inspiration from that.

El Salvador is above Brazil and Columbia. How much of the classic South American music of bands like Sarcofago, Vulcano, Masacre travel to you (for gigs, or just CDs/tapes) ?

El Salvador is above, in the Central part of America Colombia isn´t that far but Brazil it´s very far. Masacre has only come here once, last year, by the way. Bands from South America rarely come here, most bands come from Mexico or other Central American countries.

What is El Salvador metal situation?—are there many bands from your country (black/thrash/death)?
And near countries like Guatemala and such, is there any Metal you can recommend from your neighbour countries?

The metal situation here sucks!! It´s fucking full of trends! And the scene here I think it´s the most mainstream of all latin america. Only few are the true. More hair, more black T-shirts, less wisdom, just a screen.
There are some Black and Death Metal bands here. I lost the interest for local and neighbour countries bands since everything throughout history around here has been below average or average. Although I can mention some bands: FALLEN SOULS, GRAVE THRONE, DARKNESS IN THE MOON (HA!!HA!!), NOCTIS INVOCAT (Guat), and some others.

The recording quality is quite some of the rawest I have heard. Was this a result of your choice of because of the equipment you get? Do you think your projects would sound better if you had more professional sound?

Well, it really was both, my decision and the equipment. Proffessional sound is the word, because Black Metal doesn´t have to lose intensiveness and rawness. Good audio equiment should be used to enhance all those elements not to fucking be cleaned up, like some nowadays productions. Even a Judas Priest album sounds heavier than their so called Black or Death Metal. So, the answer is yes, proffessional sound would help if it´s used in that way.

For Serpent Hordes first demo, you say the guitars were recorded in 1989. Thats correct? Was this the first thing you had recorded?

Yes, that´s correct. I recorded some riffs with a guitar I used to borrow from a friend to make a project it never came reality. Then in 1999 I grabbed that tape, edited the stuff, added drums and vocals and SERPENT HORDES was created. Trying to come out with new stuff, some elements were being added and NECROMANCER was also created.

What are some of the bands that you first listened to and made you want to record your own blasphemies? From listening I think bands like Sarcofago, Beherit/Goat Vulva, Blasphemy..

Actually, my influences and motivations came most from 80´s bands like SLAYER, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, SODOM, NECROPHAGIA, AGRESSOR, CELTIC FROST, etc. Now, some elements come of course from early 90´s Death Metal and Black Metal bands from early and mid 90´s including the bands you mention but most of it it´s from those 80´s bands.

Satan is real “person” or symbolic/force of natural ? Do you perform rituals?

I don’t perform rituals, I’m not a satanist. I use satanic topics and lyrics because that’s what goes along with the type of Metal I chose to play.

What releases do you have planned next with Malediction Records?

More recordings from SERPENT HORDES, NECROMANCER and BESTIAL CULT, and maybe other bands. To get informed please visit

Thanks for the interview!!!


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  1. Hell yeah! salvadorian scene is kinda fucked up! too much trend… Support true bands like maledictions records bands and Fallen souls!! Buy their records!

  2. Serpent Hordes and Necromancer amazing lo-fi metal. Would like to see it on cd one day as well, but with same poor recording sound. Thankyou for making this music. This reminds me of when I put a cheap cassette recorder up to a boom box speaker to record Black Sabbath – Live at Last back in 1983. Something about that crappy recording appealed to my ears. And I prefer such a Lo-Fidelity sound with Black Metal bands as well. Underground Rules

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