Basilisk & Urfaust Split (Preview)

Basilisk - Vintyr

With two vinyl splits (the other a 7” with Krieg). 2005 will prove to be an eventful year for Basilisk, add to this a new album recording, re-release of the demos (Todestrieb) and new recordings from Hateful Abandon (Todestrieb)!!
This Urfaust/Basilisk split 12” LP is scheduled for release through GoatowaRex, the great Australian label responsible for both Urfaust album CD releases.
GoatowaRex plans this release as a Picture Disc limited to 199 with 20 as special-edition.

Basilisk / UrfaustHere marks the grandest introduction to a Basilisk recording thus far with an epic four-and-a-half minute instrumental track. Starting with one guitar melody, another builds up creating the full sound. The two working perfectly together playing repeating progressions, but the combination and interaction builds into a wall of sound aided by the drums. An overwhelming rousing piece with hints of distant melancholic memories.
The second track is a mid-paced recording, which combines to perfect effect the Basilisk album and Abandon sounds into a melodic gathering. The ability to combine “beautiful” guitars with the sardonic spite that seals a Vintyr-recording is a mark of vivid creativity which is explored more vigorously with the most recent releases.
Third is a two-minute piece played with two guitars and vocal. An interlude piece which settles the atmosphere ready to quickly halt the comfort…
On track four the music becomes desperately sombre and melodic with truly twisted vocals that screech, growl and Wail the agony! A mixture of Abandon and Mortifera. This is the most emotionally-draining song. A miserable grey background with harsh metallic picked razor-strings!
The final “song” is closest to the Basilisk album in it’s sound and overall approach. Howling guitars cry out their notes!
The final minutes are another instrumental created impressively with only a bass guitar and tons of distortion. The sound is (a personal reaction) oriental, perhaps only because it’s reminiscent of a Barbatos track.

As with each Basilisk release, this is a progression of theme. A unique, distinct recording which still rests firmly within the realm of what Basilisk IS. Originality without any compromise to the spirit.

No doubt the Urfaust side will provide further perverse material… their side has yet to be recorded.