Nahual Interview

NAHUAL is the Satanic Black Metal horde from Peru which started in 1995, but members have their roots back to 1990 and beyond! Their latest release is Massive Onslaught From Hell, a dense album pitch black and fully-formed, a Satanic ideological testiment to their dedication! Magistellus Infernal Productions (Peru) released the CD version, later Oniric (Spain) released the cassette which sold out quickly.

Scharack (bloody six strings axe from hell) also runs Magistellus Infernal Productions whose latest releases are Warfare “Voices from Hell” and Black Winter “Still Alive…but Dead Soon”, both on cassette and soon available from TTR.

Releases from Nahual so far have been:
Coven – demo – 1996
Abomination des sorciers – adv.tape – 1997
Satánica Redención – comp. – 1999
Mysteries of the cosmic serpent – album – 2000
Triumph of the blackhearts – split cdr (Mutilated Christ) – 2000
Triumph of the blackhearts – demo – 2002
Apostasy Act – cdr – 2003
Massive Onslaught From Hell – album – 2004

Also included in this page are some new photos taken live on 02/04/2005 (day the pope died) !!
Thanks to Scharack and Lord Tiranna!

Interview with Lord Tiranna (impure vokills and astral vociferations)
12 May 2005

Hailz my friend what’s the news from Nahual cult, Magistellus Infernal and the Warhate Front ??

Hailz from Hell Comrade!!! The tank of propaganda and satanic ideology known as Nahual is soon to achieve ten years of total war against judeo-Christianity and other forms of condemned people, because of this we’ll be preparing a vinyl edition of our 96’ demo “Coven”, a live CD through Suicida Records (Ecuador), a compilation CD through A Sangre Fria rec. (Peru) and a cassette diehard rehearsal through Summon for Satan (Germany). Besides this there will be a Southamerican tour 2005 Impure Hellish Blackstorm!!! Regarding Magistellus Infernal zine volume II and the CD-R edition of some material by Imperial (FR) and More Majorum (FR). Warhate Front have increased the material of war with Psicoterror’zine # VIII (by far their best issue!), Grave Desecration recorded a song for a Brazilian compilation through the Southern Spirits records, two new hordes which will be releasing soon their debut demos are Conquest Incarnated and Misanthropic Storm (solo project of our guitarist Lord Azazel)

When did you start recording your blasphemy? Nahual started in 1995, but you all come from other bands since 1992 and before!

Nahual arose by the ideological maturity of both Scharack and myself (Lord Tiranna) in October of 1995. Our first band was Skeleton during August ’90. The path is a long one yet, and we have seen a lot of people come and go, some of the oldest bangers are back, but we were always there, the trends may pass, but Nahual is still at war!!!

How did Metal first find you?

My brother (Scharack) and myself started out with Heavy Metal: Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Mercyful Fate, Omen, and later we listened to Thrash and Death, but above all Sarcofago, Sepultura, Holocausto, Mutilator, Chakal, Vulcano, Expulser, Panic, Dorsal Atlantica, Ratos de Porao, Atomica, Exterminio, Parabellum, Atomic Aggressor, Death Yell, etc. The bands which served as influence in the beginning were Beherit, Darkthrone, Mayhem (old), Samael (old), etc.

You play quite often in your home city Lima, Peru. Have you played concerts much outside Peru? Do you consider any Concerts in Europe or North America?

To say the truth we don’t play that much here in Peru. We have played at the time only in Ecuador, but with the tour “Impure Hellish Blackstorm” we’ll reach several countries. To play in USA or Europe? All depends of the organizers, by the moment I don’t see that as a close probability, but perhaps with the next CD we’ll play in Europe and North America, all depends where we’ll be living at that point of time…


Live – Do you find good support from Peru maniacs?? Are you in contact with other Peru Black Metal bands to play with?

Yeah, to our shows come many Satanic maniacs, although as I said before, we don’t play that much often, but always the bangers await to see us live. We have contact with Grave Desecration, Black Angel, Lord Sanguinary and Flagellum Dei.

Talking to other bands from Peru it seems hard to play often, money and the venues are often not very good sound and such. How is your experience of Peru concerts?

Our only interest is that the Nahual rises in the acts of the warriors, to take off the Christian morals and turn them into real zombies and possessed ones, we don’t give that much importance to the equipments, cause we can always demonstrate extreme and bruising attitude and ideology

You style is unique for sure!! Sometimes its like Mystifier and some South American deathrash bands played slower and heavier. Who do take most influence from in your sound?

Thanks comrade we are pleased that a person of your trajectory and respect recognize the unique mark of knowledge. Our sound is a mixture of aggression, ritual, death and extreme unction only to real warriors of Malkuth. We’re not fond of copying riffs. We search for our own sound and images of War!!!
It’s a very hard Path, but we are on a personal footpath for almost 10 years and no trend will overcome that!!! Our hymns are influenced by the cosmic Empire of Satan and by the voice of the Dead!!!

How did the recording go for this record? How long were you writing the songs, and lyrics…how long did it take to record?

The black hymns dedicated to Satan were composed through the course of the years and battles…one of the oldest dates from 1992 and the newest from 2000…we recorded them at John Agressor’s Session Studio (Hadez- Peru) for almost two weeks, there were two different mixes, at last the mark of the beast was registered and a war arsenal and satanic propaganda which leaves very high indeed the name of the SouthAmerican Black Metal!!!

Can you explain the meaning in the Mask you wear on the booklet?

It’s the mask of knowledge that can be appreciated in the 3D logo created by the human beast Carlos Chac!!!


What are the activities of the Warhate Front?

The elite which Nahual takes part of, carries the name of Warhate Front, and as every Elite, it’s a reduced group, formed by individuals with certain intellectual supremacy and satanic ideology, which throughout diverse artistic manifestations (literature, music, articles, photography, manifests, fanzines and future interviews), propagate Laveyan Satanism and extreme anti judeo-christianity.
Our objectives are to rumble the foundations of this putrid society ruled by Judeo Christianity and with its fall to assure the future of a satanic society, full of strong, intelligent, individualist and independent people, with life will and power, in which we can live according to our own nature, beyond good and evil, while the black flame of Satan burns in its darkest and purest form! Hail Satanic Millenium!!!
Warhate Front is conformed by the following bands, projects and zines: Nahual, Aquam Igni, Grave Desecration, Misanthropic Storm, Conquest Incarnated, Psicoterror’zine and Magistellus Infernal Prods/Distro/Zine.

Warhate Front holds a rational philosophy. Not about physical Satan, but a self-based ideology, using symbolism understanding that You are the “centre of the universe”. Seems from this you are sharing the outlook of Anton LaVey, yes? Did his life and writings influence your life and music?

LaVey was the first individual who established Satanism as a philosophy of a Carnal Nature, based on rational self-interest, taking the name of Satan as a perfect representation of the essence of the strong, wise and selfish man, living according as his wild, proud and carnal nature dictates, taking the instincts of the self as cult and celebration objects inside of an structure, organized as a temple of glorious indulgence of such primal impulses innate to the human-animal.
LaVeyan Satanism is a form of selfish atheism, a philosophy of life and a strong doctrine of self-conservation, which consists in adoring the existent principles allegorized by the figure of Satan. It’s the cult of the instinctive essence, the dark side, carnal and wild of the human-animal nature. It’s about the existential struggle to reach Homo Deus or Super Man. We’re talking about modern Satanism (Dark and Carnal philosophy out of all judeochristian context and therefore independent of it), not about simple Medieval Demonolatry or Inverse Christianity. We don’t worship “Satan” as a synonymous of the “Devil”, I mean as an existent entity, nor “the Angel who fell from Celestial grace”, for pretending a kind of state collapse against the divine tyranny, nor the rest of judeo-christian myths.
How could be at War with Christianity, being our system of beliefs locked in such a religious context and therefore dependent of it? It would be as declaring war against ourselves. We worship the principles that mankind have decided to represent by the demons, throughout all history, but we don’t worship the demons, as if they were existent spectral creatures.


Can you say some words about the hordes BLACK WINTER and WARFARE ?

Warfare from Chile formed in 1995. The material edited by Magistellus Infernal prods is “Voices from Hell” (debut demo) and the participation with two tracks on the 4 way split CD “Recrucifixion”. Their current line-up is: Winter Demon (vocals); Emperor Orravan (drums); Dunkler Racher (bass) and Abhorer (guitars).
The Greek Black Winter were formed in the year 2000. The material edited by Magistellus Infernal prods is “Still Alive…but soon Dead” (live album). Their current line –up is: Astrous (vocals); Demonith (drums); Victor Imperator (bass); Gasgorth (guitars) and Atheist (guitars).
Luis Guillen
Calle Manuel Tumba Mz. G – 1 Lt. 33
Urb. Honor y Lealtad
Lima 33 – PERU