Masacre Interview


sidebarMASACRE started in Medellin, Columbia 1988 during a time of violence, corruption, drugs and death.
In 1989 the first demo, Colombia… Imperio del Terror, was released followed the next year with Cáncer de Nuestros Días. The demos spread far, through the Americas to Europe.
The first album was Requiem released by Osmose in 1991. They had released a miniLP, Ola de Violencia, a year before which was re-released by Osmose with two live tracks as a split with PROFANATICA.
After another miniLP on Mórbida Productions, MASACRE released the great album Sacro. Lorito Records released this in 1996, nine years later it has been repressed by Japanesse labels Obliteration and Realm of Kult.
MASACRE has since released two more albums, appeared on compilations and toured extensively in South America.
Seventeen years after they started MASACRE are still releasing and playing concerts of brutal death metal!

Alex Okendo is the only original member still playing in MASACRE. Bull Metal (now dead member of TYPHON and owner of Warmaster Records) played drums on the demos.

The two demos, Colombia… Imperio del Terror, and Cáncer de Nuestros Días have been re-released on CD by Obliteration.
The 1996 album Sacro was recently re-released by Obliteration / Realm of Kult.


Questions answered by Alex during some free time after playing a lot of gigs in Columbia!

Thanks to ALEX for remembering and answers!!

Interview with Alex Okendo
30 June 2005

Obliteration have this year re-released both demos of MASACRE! Why did you decided to have these demos re-released?

We decided to re-release demos because we received a proposal from the Japenese label “Obliteration Records” and we thought it was interesting for this material to be re-edited in a CD format so this way many collectionits will be able to obtain it.

How many copies did you originally release of these demos? Did you spread them mainly in South America or also to Europe, Asia…?

Originaly from each of the demos there were 1,000 copies, and they were spread for same quantity all over the world and thanks to this our band was now beign very well known about in the world.

You got a deal with Osmose after the first MLP, did you have other labels trying to offer you deals?

We recieved many proposals from label to realease our work which were: WildRags, Decapitate Records, Decay Maggots (from France) and also from Deathlike Silence Productions from our friend Euronymous from the band Mayhem who always supported our work.

What are your memories of the times recording in 1989/1990?

I remember that recording in our country was something not very common and very hard, we had no instruments at all and we had to borrow instruments and rent them, we were radical and we were always drunk in our recordings. but they were unforgettable moments and one of our best times.


You say one reason MASACRE was born (and the brutal music!!) was because your country Columbia was dying from violence, corruption, drugs and death
From the outside, it is still a country with problems. Has the country changed? Does your country still affect the records you make today?

yes. definitely the political and social situation and injustice obliges us to create a real math with brutal musik.The deaths in colombia in such direct ways influences us a lot more to write about death.

The last track on Cancer… is a great cover of the cult SARCOFAGO!! Which other bands had influence over you then?

We are great lovers and followers of old metal again in those days we followed closely the scence of metal in Brazil now that these bands were pure brutal and our favorites.

Can you tell what happened to the other members, since you are the last original member from the demo times?

Some of them still are into metal but somehow far from it, some left it radically, some have died, and some have other projects with other bands but still not too dedicated. well i’ve been the only original member that everyday seems to get more into metal which is Masacre and Colombian Metal.

In the booklet [for Cancer de…] you send words to Euronymous and Metalion, did you have much contact with European underground?

In the beginning we had much mails from bands of the real European underground among these the band Mayhem which we alwayz great friends of us. which they also supported us in the beginning of our work. Some magazines like the one of “Metallion” helped us so be well known in Europe.


Also included in the booklet there is collection of band photos and flyers for gigs. Which are some of the best gigs you did 89-92?

Some of these were fulfilled in the cities of colombia like Cali, Bogota, Pereira, Manizales, and it will also be important to mention the ones in Ecuador and Peru. In those times the scence in colombia was very extreme and brutal and one of the only survivals was Masacre.

Do you remember, where the speeches are from on “Epilogo” from Colombia… and “Intro/Vida” on Cancer…? News reports?

The speeches are from news reports on the massacre here in Colombia. The “Intro/vida” was the heart of my daughter inside a maternal belly.

You just returned from a tour Suramericano over three months! How was this? (this finished at the beginning of 2005)

This southamerican tour was one of our best experiences we received total support. The southamerican maniacs are totally crazy and thanks to them our southamerican tour was a success.