Morbid Tales Fanzine Interview


Relatively new ‘zine from Canada, the first issue was released around March 2005. A5 and a growing number of pages with each issue, Morbid Tales features some legendary old metal bands along with newer bands who definitely have the old spirit!! Take a look on the right for a list of the bands included.
Interviews & reviews all written with a passion; personal interest and appreciation which makes this far more genuine and Better to read than any standard-questioning (especially the phone interviews). And to look at, Morbid Tales kills with the cut’n’paste layout!
Hells Cheers to Annick for the answers and the artworks included below! Support!

annickInterview with Satannick
15 December 2005

You obviously have a real passion for metal, is this your first zine? Have you done any other writing? Are most of the interviews held over the phone?

Hails, Satannick here. that’s right, metal is one of my passions!!! I love everything about it – the aggressiveness, the ideologies, the “brotherhood”, the kindred spirits, etc. Morbid Tales is my first ‘zine, and it’s the first thing I ever did writing-wise. I admit I am not a very good writer (at least not in English. haha) but I thought it would be fun to try it out.
Also, I try as often as I can to do interviews over the phone. I think it makes the interview so much better. not only do they flow nicely, but also the person I’m interviewing doesn’t know the questions in advance, so the answers are always spontaneous!

Great use of cut-n-paste design, do you think the aesthetic of the zine is important in evoking the “atmosphere”? How do you put it all together?

You buy a CD not only to listen to the music, but a lot of times to support the band and to see the artwork, right? Jo (the co-editor of the ‘zine ) and me wanted to do something that was dirty looking, as well as interesting to read. I think it’s so important to have a nice layout – you are so much more enthusiastic to turn the pages! Of course, the atmosphere of the music is reflected in the collages/illustrations. it adds another dimension, I think.


As for putting it all together, it is 95% hand-made; the only thing done by computer is the text of the interviews, of course! The rest is done by photocopy machine, scotch-tape (Jo) and glue sticks (me). We do all our pages by ourselves, meet up, cut them in half and then put them in order. Finally, I do master copies with these, using my favourite photocopier. (It’s expensive, but it’s nice!)

What has the reaction been to the zine so far? Are you selling it mostly within Canada? Local record stores stock it? Sending many worldwide?

I have been really surprised by the reactions from the ‘zine, to be honest. I didn’t know I was going to be selling that many. people are really supportive. It’s great to see so many people interested in it!!! I sell some all over Canada (Ottawa, Toronto, Barrie, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Quebec, Montreal), as well as the world (USA, Europe, South America. even in New-Zealand! It’s fucking mind blowing!!!!). I sell them locally at Vertigo records when I have extra copies (which is not often. arghhh.) and at Profusion Direct in Montreal. As for distributing them, you guys are the first ones that ever did!! Final Punishment records (Holland) and Nuclear War Now! Prod (USA) are also distros that carries them.

You have done some interviews with bands that haven’t recorded material for years, how do they normally react to your interest? Are there any bands which rejected your interview requests?

goathornpaintNobody every rejected my interview requests. which really surprises me! Hahaha. Orlok from COUNTESS never replied, but that’s ok because he hasn’t done interviews in years. I noticed that bands who haven’t recorded in ages are as happy as active bands when I ask them for interviews. They always seem to be happy sharing their past experiences with their fans.

Several of them have recently been quite active re-issuing material or releasing old demos, and Onslaught, playing live again. Which of the recent revivals has interested you most? Any revivals you would want to see?

Yeah, it’s like a plague now! Some of them I am quite sad that they are bringing the band back to life (especially when they release really shitty material. CELTIC FROST, anyone?!) but most of the time it’s fun because I get a chance to see the band live (even though it’s not the same as the glory days!). It’s even better when the band’s new material rules. (HEATHEN!!!). A revival I really wanted to see was RAZOR, and I saw them just last weekend. so I am happy as hell.

Have you had any suprises with interviews? Revealing, or just stupid..?

I had some great surprises for sure! My first interview ever – with BLASPHEMY’s bassist. I had no idea he lived in Ottawa!! And his story was just too much. The stabbing in the ass and all… There was also the one with Dave of SLAUGHTER talking about the tension they had in their band, which was very interesting…. As for stupid, I was very disappointed in the answers I got back from LIPS. ANVIL is one of my favourite bands ever, and it seems like the interview was done really fast. I wanted to do it by phone, but he didn’t want to. Ohh well, I think I might be re-doing a new one later on!!! (With another member this time. LIPS is a great guy though, don’t get me wrong!!)


Which ‘modern’ bands for you really capture the spirit (musically and/or just in their attitude) of records made in the eighties, if any?


You work with NWN, what work have you/will you contribute to past and future releases? Or any other work with other bands/labels?

Hehe, yeah! I now do calligraphy for Yosuke. My first work with him was to do the Calligraphy [link] for the new ABIGAIL LP “Ultimate Unholy Death”, as well as an illustration (a skeleton getting impaled!) [see end of this page]. I also did hand writing for the new re-editions of WITCHES HAMMER records. next attack will be with CULT OF DAATH and … tananana. the live WITCHFINDER GENERAL (holy fuck!!!) LP!!! I am learning old English calligraphy for these two. It will be insane!!!! I am very excited about these. finally; I do flyers and illustrations from time to time (locally and for Yosuke). I did the t-shirt design for the MONTREAL METAL MASSACRE fest.


Do you play in a band?

I am very busy with school at the moment, so I don’t really want to join/form anything. A band for me is like entering a new relationship – I want to put heart and soul into it!!!! I don’t want to do a half-assed job! I do play bass though, and I played in a thrash metal band called EXTERMINATOR when I was 16. We did two shows, and then broke up. It was fun as hell!


I might start up a project with my partner though; maybe in the summer. if it ever happens, it will be an obscure doom metal band. really ancient, ritualistic doom. like DEATH SS meets PENTAGRAM. That is my goal for now!!!

You seem to have a passion (understandably) for the eighties metal from your country. Do you feel cheated not to have been around (at least at an age where you would appreciate it) at the time? Any specific moments you would have wanted to see first-hand?

That’s a good question!! But yeah, I was born too late. it’s ok though, it makes it a challenge. I am re-learning the past, as well as living the present. A moment I would really of loved to be into would be 1985. seeing WORLD WAR III fest in Montréal and being in the middle of tape trading would have been fucking amazing!!!!!!


What were some of the best zines from the eighties that covered the bands (or similar to those) you now interview twenty or so year later?

I only read two up to now. BLACKTHORN and SEPTIC DEATH. I think BLACKTHORN (from Denmark) is the best ever!!!! I recommend you guys dig it up. I read the issue from 1986 containing interviews with SLAUGHTER, AMEBIX, ONSLAUGHT, KREATOR, BULLDOZER, etc. Amazing stuff.

Anyone reading this that hasn’t got a Slaughter record, list the essential Canadian metal albums they need to hear!?

WOOHOO!! Great question!!!!! Here is a list of my personal MUST-haves:
ANVIL – First three
EXCITER – First three
SACRIFICE – Torment in Fire
PILEDRIVER – Metal Inquisition
AGGRESSION – Demos + The Full Treatment
SLAUGHTER – Surrender or Die demo + Srappado
RAZOR – Armed and Dangerous, Evil Invaders, Executioner’s Song

Plans for future issues…?

Next rag I think will have a lot of doom bands in it. I already have a REVEREND BIZARRE interview, and I’m waiting from answers from WINO (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, The Hidden Hand). I will also interview the singer of VULCAIN (French 80’s metal band. ..hehe he doesn’t know yet!) and maybe RAZOR. I don’t know.. hahaha! One thing’s for sure though, I will be doing reviews of fanzines, as well as short interviews with the editors.


I plan on eventually doing a huge and complete issue on the Canadian metal scene. I didn’t tell Jo yet, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind! I would love to interview key people. like band members, ex-record shop owners, old promoters, zine writers. do reviews, band reports, lots of pictures etc. but that will take a long time. Maybe a year? I don’t know hehehe.
Anyway, thanks again for featuring me on your website, I am very grateful!!!
Keep metal alive!!!!!!!!!