Salute – Break-Neck Speed Triumph (Interview & Preview)


sidebarSALUTE was formed by the two members of VANGUARD when it was finished after one demo, “Valour“. Swine is also behind the Von worship project SWINE, and now a member of HATEFUL ABANDON.
The debut release from SALUTE will be “Break-Neck Speed Triumph”, recorded during 2005 and mixed/mastered at the end of the year.
Influences, at least immediately, are Darkthrone and Celtic Frost. Do not think for one second however that this is another boring clone. This is brain smashing metal, unholy Black Metal and barbaric thrash. It has dark atmosphere AND beer swilling rock & roll attitude!
The production is huge! Clear and powerful! Vocals (which range from fierce growl to an invoked G Warrior roar) are not put directly up-front but sore through the thick guitar and percussion to slam directly in your face. Drums have a great sound, the bass drum is strong and can easily be felt. Cymbals, snare and toms are very clear and natural. Although the production is excellent it loses none of the raw power, it is savage!
This release should see release in 2006, possibly on several formats.

Hear samples from the album at the SALUTE WEBSITE!


Interview with Kaptain
December 2005

SALUTE is formed after VANGUARD, why the change?

Salute is: Swine/ Drums, Guitars, Commands
Kaptain/ Guitars

kap1Vanguard finished due to the fact that we didnt want to do anymore with it after the Valour demo in 2001, we wrote some more Vanguard material but ultimately we didnt like it.
Instead we worked on other projects and began writing what was to become the first Salute release, Break-Neck Speed Triumph…
The name [Vanguard] was too caught up in the Valour esque stuff, we didnt want to continue under the name.

What do SALUTE’s lyrics deal with?

Lyrically its the usual suspects, Booze, the devil and most importantly playing rough and hanging tough

„ Amongst the Flames
Dining in Hades
Dealing Death the Dead Man’s Hand
Chew on Sedating VENOM!! “

Where is it recorded?

We recorded mixed and mastered Break-Neck where we record all our projects, the Dungeon!! Its our own studio where both the booze and riffs spill with equal ease, where we can have total control over everything, DICTATORS!!

Whats the greatest liquor to intoxicate yourself with when forming and recording with SALUTE?

We take on board all kinds of intoxications, personal favourites are high-grade premium beers such as Heineken and the ‘Artois, if pushed however we’ll drink terrible liquids such as cheap cider, these have many beneficial elements to them as the Tramps of this world know all too well

Talk about the record – influences, production, attitude..

Influences are drawn from the well of Heavy Metal!!! Musically we encourage certain influences such as Motorhead/Celtic Frost, although we sometimes have to reign in a riff sometimes if it looks and sounds like G Warrior himself OUUGH! We’re keen to have some aspects of originallity
Production-wise we wanted it to be live sounding,
Our attitude? Salute play proper Dangerous Metal that’ll leave a dirty bruise upon yer chin and squeeze yer girl up if shes ready and good enough Euugh!!

Are any of the recordings spontaneous or is it written before-hand?

Its a mixture of both, I personally favour the spontenaiety of developing a track out of 1 riff and a couple of cold hits. Swine and myself write quite differently, this allows to have multiple angles as you can hear on the release. We both write tracks individually


What are the plans for the release?

We are planning to send the Promo around to labels that we are interested in getting Salute involved with. Hopefully we’ll get some interest and the CD will be released properly, we’ve tried the DIY method before, its too expensive and time consuming, rather leave it to someone with contacts and experience

Would you consider releasing it in different formats?

We would like to get it on Vinyl and Cassete

Would you consider playing live? Any plans?

Playing live is incredibly important, we found a drummer some months back and have been honing our live performance. As it happens we are playing our first gig this friday (17th DEC) in Bristol with what seems to be aload of retarded bristol bands and Amputated! We dont subscribe to the bullshit snobbishnous of not wanting to play with false bands!! Fuck that, we’ll play anywhere with anyone. What happened to the days of yore when loads of good bands were touring the UK? We hope to play all over the UK in the next year, so watch out!

How was the gig?? (17 December, see above)

We played all tracks off the album, we were lookin to do a cover but the set was only 25 long, next time! Reaction wise? People seemed to enjoy force but Salute doesnt like anyone or anything except booze, boobs, leather and Sarcofago pins!!