Augen Interview


Todestrieb contacted Augen for a brief introduction to the project from San Francisco and some explanation behind the initial recording, “Das Fieber Der Nacht”.


Interview with Augen
9 July 2006

Is this the first release from Augen?

Das Fieber Der Nacht is the first recording under the name of Augen. I have been playing drums many years, some previous bands not worth mentioning. I
am also a part-time member of the bands Wohin and Mokyre, both of which will have upcoming releases through my label, The Funeral Agency.

How do you approach recording?

I start with a base and build upon it, adding and removing elements where I see fit. The goal is to create atmosphere and dynamics.

What are some of your sources?

Many sources. The child is my son, E. Many of the droning tones heard are taken from Buddhist prayer boxes, these amazing little samplers that monks use so they can be mobile with their prayers and chants. These are available in various sizes and sounds in Chinatown here in San Francisco.

If you could make a movie to accompany the ambience, how would you best represent this recording visually?

Interesting question. I imagine the movie might look alot like the 1922 film Häxan.


“The fever of the night” – can you explain more behind the title?

The title is quite literal. The idea for this recording came while stricken by a very high fever, I wanted to capture that eerie floating feeling of illness.

Where do you plan to take Augen?

I am currently working on another release, though I want it to be more “musical”. Live shows are out, it would be impossible to properly recreate the material on a stage with traditional instruments.