Ante Cryst – 7″ EP (Preview)

Ante Cryst

If you managed to get a copy of the Ante Cryst tape you will be aware of the musical side of an earlier incarnation of this band. This tape does not prepare you for the cavernous natural sound and intense vocal performance that the ‘new’ Ante Cryst deliver on their forthcoming release, a 4 track EP coming in 2007.

The band’s lineup has shifted considerably over its relatively short existence:
“The Gaunt Hill” demo, 1998
“Malicious” demo/rehearsal 2005
Originally a project of Hygegeomor and Wyrm, the second recording “Malicious” saw Unknown Ikon of EMIT join as guitarist. The lineup for this new EP is without Hygegeomor and Wyrm. U.I. is joined by Adiatrikon (drums) and Old Koth (session bass). Adiatrikon is a member of a revitalised EMIT but also of the devout REVERORUM IB MALACHT.

During the recording of this EP in Sweden, U.I. caught an illness at Uppsala and the resulting vocal performance is understandably, naturally and painfully Sick! (The same vocal infection can be heard in Adiatrikon on a future Reverorum ib Malacht album, “Urkaos”.) They are strained, only just managing to vomit each line and in the final song as if recited under hysteria. Ranging from animalistic growls to the wails of a sanitarium patient with as much variation on the delivery, you really get the impression this was an almost unbearable strain.

It was recorded at Reverorum ib Malacht’s studio (Urkaos 1350), if you’ve heard their material you already know the bizarre, melting atmospheres they are able to create.

Ante Cryst Falu Koppar Gruva

In order to gain some inspiration for the recording the members visited Falu Koppar Gruva, an old copper mill in Falun. Deep and extensive, sounds riding and crashing around like violent waves. Ante Cryst is not reproducing the ‘RiM sound’, but the impact of both members and equipment from RiM is strong. That is not a bad quality, RiM can be utterly mesmerizing.
The old Ante Cryst is not lost among the shifting lineup and altered recording process. It opens with “Where Corpses Hang” from “Malicious” and the ‘FULLMOON-guitars’ are still as strong. Losing most of the raw harshness of that tape but replacing it with a thicker, more expansive atmosphere. Guitars are a glowing furnace of aggressive chords; warm grinding reverberating for a thousand miles, drums well played and varied with the production softening/humbling them to stay almost in tone with the guitars.
Everything combines into a solid, perfectly balanced total with tidal movements existing and destroying within.

Look for this in 2007 on the French label Niessedrion. Emit maniacs will already know Niessedrion for the great DLP release of “A Sword…”, also look for the vinyl version of the Emit / Vrolok split from him at some point in the future.