Objekt4 Interview


Anders Peterson, sole member of Swedish dark ambient project OBJEKT4 recently announced the end of this chapter in his artistic career. Objekt4 will stop recording and releasing material, although we are sure a new project will not be too far away.
We were first introduced to Objekt4 through a cassette release on the Czech label Ravenheart in 2004. Since this first release (Facility 77) Objekt4 has released another fourteen records, plus various different versions/formats and featured on five compilations. A very productive four years!

This webpage should serve as a source of information once the project has been dissolved: http://www.myspace.com/objekt4

We wanted to catch a few last words with Anders, to conclude the project which began a few short years ago.

28 November 2007.

Objekt4 has been laid to rest. You say the objective of reinventing dark ambient has been achieved – how have you changed the genre? If recognition is important to you, do you believe you have received the right amount? Do you hope your work will influence future artists?

Generally by being openminded, and adding influence from other different genres, as well as a cinemative approach, which included making use of the 5.1 format. Recognition is always nice, I received great feedback from lots of people not involved in the dark ambient “scene”, nor music in general, regular people, just like myself, telling me how much they enjoyed my recordings – that truly gives a feeling it was all worthwhile!

From the first album “Facility 77″ to “Space Jungle Slums” the sound has moved from purely soundtrack recordings to more rhythmic, musical work. Is that a fair assessment?

Sure. It’s just natural evolution I think. Wanting to expand both mind and technique. Diversity in both ambience, rhythm and overall sound approach.

There is often an industrial, urban, mechanical atmosphere in your work. Is that a uniting theme to all recordings, if there is one?

Yes, these things all have a deep effect on me, and will probably always be an inspiration factor one way or another.

How does your environment impact your work?

At the moment I live in a very good appartment. Giving peace and quiet to focus on the things at hand. Having been more or less homeless for many years, this is a welcome change. Not saying these years were bad, they were very important, both for inspiration and being most humble of the way of life one is able to live in the western world. Life is not appreciated as much as it should be, too many people take so much for granted, and way too many are just fat, lazy and unappreciative in general.

Do you work towards creating original soundtracks for modern films?

Yes, I have recorded soundtrack and sound design for two feature films so far. It’s where it all started and I hope to be able to continue with it.

You recently announced an American movie has stolen your material for use in their film…

The whole soundtrack and sound design was recorded by Objekt4. Hopefully this will all be settled without further problems.

What are your proudest achievements in the history of this project?

I’m satisfied with the evolution in general of Objekt4, both sound-wise and mentality-wise. Now is a good time to move on.

Do you already have plans for future projects?

Not at the moment.

Do you intend to keep the records in print?

The records will not be in print. When they’re sold out they’ll be gone forever. Perhaps in the future a reissue with selected tracks from all albums would be an interesting idea. I also have some unreleased material that could be included on such a release.