On Horns Impaled Interview

On Horns Impaled are a new band from Germany. Their debut demo will be recorded and released soon. We took the opportunity to introduce the band and learn their intentions for the coming months. You can visit their webpage here: http://www.myspace.com/onhornsimpaled

Steelcrusher: Bass
Narkotic: Guitar
Supay: Drums
Scapegoat: Vocals


22 November 2007.

OHI was formed only a few months ago, how did all four members come together? Is this your first band, or do you all come from other projects? Is the a side project or main band?

Scapegoat: We know each other since years, because we all have rehearsal-rooms in a bunker here. For me it is my first professional band.
This is no side project this is a main band!

Steelcrusher: The idea to form this band was born when I visited a Watain concert in Hamburg, after that I asked Narkotik if he is hungry to start a raw black-metal-band under the banner of the name ON HORNS IMPALED.
And as you can see he is extremely hungry.
Than we thought by us who could take over the other positions, it went very fast until our friends Supay and Scapegoat joined forces with us. O.H.I. isn´t my first band but the first band where I play bassguitar.

Narkotik: I was suprised when Steelcrusher asked me to form a band, I´ve never thought about something like this. But I was interested since the first moment when he asked me, we talked about it and found the perfect line-up. We know each other and everything works!!!!

Supay: Steelcrusher asked me if I would like to play drums. This is my first band as a drummer, normaly I play guitar. The horny thing is, I play drums only since one and a half year.


What is the identity of the band?

Scapegoat: We want to keep the black-metal-flame burning even brighter than before. The theme of our lyrics are anti-religious and horror.
The sound? Raw and black! Anything what made black-metal famous.
Things which you can find in the norwegian-scene and of course also in the first-wave of black-metal, because without them our sound would not exist in the way how it is today.

Narkotik: We shit on modern musik. We want the music to be simple and evil. The lyrics are about satan, perversion and blasphemy!!!

Supay: War against christianity!!!

It’s fair to assume your name comes from the Watain track title? Why this name?

Steelcrusher: Great song great band and it is satanic.
And it wasn’t used by an other band.

Scapegoat: They´re awesome! I´ve seen them live at kick-off concert for their storm of the antichrist tour, if they´re going to play more intense concerts like that and relase more records like the last (Sworn to the dark is a future a classick!) than they´re going to play very soon in the first league of black-metal.

Narkotik: I think it´s the perfect name for a satanic black metal band.

Supay: Just evil.


Rather than recording and releasing a demo the first time anyone heard the band was live! How was the experience of debuting your material live?

Scapegoat: For me it was awesome, it was a rush. There were many friends of us and also other people we didn´t know, nearly a 50/50 mix.
99% of the reactions were extremly postive.

Narkotik: I didn´t really realize that we were supposed to play our songs until I was on stage. But after the gig, i felt great.

Supay: We had a lot of fun together.

Steelcrusher: It was really great to perform the songs live – more live rituals will come.

There seems to be a lot of activity in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region. How do you view the bands you’ve played with, or know in the area?

Scapegoat: The most of these bands are hot and hungry. Like us they´re motivated into the last nerve of their bodies.
And you can party with them damn good!

Narkotik: I´m not very into the music-scene but I like the bands we played with.

On your webpage you link to older giants like Hellhammer, Motorhead, Venom and to newer bands. Who influenced you most? Has anyone influenced your sound directly?

Scapegoat: DarkThrone! They´re definetly the real thing. And just like I said it before, without the first wave of black-metal, which includes bands like Venom and Hellhammer, there wouldn´t be the scene today like it is.
We´ve to salute them! If you forget your roots you can forget it all.
We´ve played our version of Motörheads Orgasmatron as an encore at our show and the audience loved it!

Narkotik: My personal biggest influence is Gorgoroth. They are my all-time favorite. DarkThrone is right on.

Steelcrusher: My influences are the first and second wave of black metal – the only newer bands i like are watain and shining.

You will be entering the studio to record your first demo on December 2nd. Have you written all the tracks?

Scapegoat: It is a professional studio and we´ve written all the tracks.
We hope that we can wake the interrest of a suitable label and some concert promoters. What we definitly want is to celebrate more live-rituals on stage!
That´s the only thing what we won´t take over from Dark Throne, harr harr harr!

Narkotik: We wrote all tracks on our own. Four great tracks are waiting to be recorded, I can´t wait to enter the studio and leave it with a new medium against christianity!!!!

Supay: I like what we do, I have a lot of fun. Anything else is unimportant. If the people like it, cool. If not, FUCK YOU!!!