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NADIWRATH are a new Hellenic cult. However as you will learn the members have a long and active history, including recent releases on Regimental and Moribund Records.
You can sample this Athen’s based horde on their site here: and we of course intend to stock some copies of the debut demo!
Thanks to Nadir for the fast response!


Interview with NADIR
12 December 2007.

Nadiwrath began earlier this year, what brought all the members together?

The Nadiwrath horde was created in the beginning of 2007 by Nadir (All hateful and raw guitars) and Wrath (voice of despair)! The combination of the names of these two dedicated and underground souls created the name of the band, Nadir – Wrath (Nadiwrath)! Soon, Sardonic (bass) and Yngve (hammers) joined the horde and the Black Metal propaganda of Nadiwrath begun! All members had and still have their own other bands and projects! Nadir was the main guitarist of Stellar Darkness (R. I. P.), Wrath has his own one man bands, Dodsferd, Kampf, Grab and an alcoholic band with full members, the Drunk Earth, Sardonic has his own blasphemous project, Inferno and Yngve is playing in several bands, which one of them is Obduction!

You’ve recorded your first demo – can you reveal any details?

The first Nadiwrath demo was recorded in May of 2007, in an underground studio of Athens (Encore Studio). Unfortunately, during the recording process, Sardonic due to serious health problems had to leave the band for a small but very important period of time for Nadiwrath, so Nadir recorded the bass for the demands of our first demo! Another problem was that we changed drummer during this recording process, due to problems that we don’t think it is necessary to mention! As you have already understood, Yngve is the second drummer of Nadiwrath!

The Nadiwrath demo consists of three songs, Horns, Winter Nights and Eyes Full Of Vengeance and the lyrics, meanings of our songs has to do with the debasement of humanity, the survival of human parasites who live in the expense of other people and the useless theories of the masses and their religion!

What is Nadiwrath?

True and pure unholy black metal, nothing more, nothing less! These are Nadiwrath!

Although the demo doesn’t sound too influenced by the Hellenic sound of Varathron etc. do you still take inspiration from older Hellenic hordes? Who are the major inspirations in the wider world?

Despite of the fact that the evolution of the Hellenic Underground black metal scene, here in Greece, is great, it is obvious that Nadiwrath have nothing to do with that particular sound! Total respect for the older Hellenic hordes! We are influenced by the true hordes who created the true spirit of black metal (Burzum, Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Impaled Nazarene) combined with the characteristics of each member of the band!


You have some gigs planned for January, are these your first?

Nadiwrath will perform their music live on stage for the first time in January 6th, 11th and 13th, of 2008, with bands, such as Kaiserreich (It), Croosover (Gr), Grimegod (Ro) and other underground bands of the Hellenic scene! Nadiwrath will perform their music live on stage and spread their propaganda wherever will be called to do it! Nadiwrath is a live band!
Athens is an active live Black Metal city!

How was the demo released? What has been the response been from the people that received it?

The first demo of Nadiwrath was self-released in 300 limited copies in cd format! Soon it is going to be released in tape format! Also, there were many proposals by underground labels in re-releasing our first demo as mini cd! The response was more than good!

Are you already planning an album or next demo? What do you expect in the immediate future for Nadiwrath?

In the end of February of 2008, we are going to start the recordings of our first full-length album, an album full of hate, blasphemy and uncompromising attitude! Also, we are planning to perform our music live on stage wherever they call us!
Spread the Nadiwrath propaganda against all!

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