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” Somrak was formed in 2001 as a mere summon of those inhaled the cancer of uncreation in times when such plague was there still mostly unknown. Their first recorded ritual in live was served in 2002 on a self released tape. And soon after, a self-released poem …Of Witches which showed that what was unworthy on the biggest disease in existence – humanity. A 7″ was published finally in 2005 through Vile Arts Records and it showed a meaning of self-destruction and suicide of body and soul. Years passed and Somrak fell into the void of forgotness due to unworthy members of it’s name. In 2006 Somrak summoned again with a new member on blasphemical preaching and in late 2007 released an album. “

And it is for that album, The Abhorred Blessings, that we wrote to the band.
Our appreciation to A. for the answers!
The official Somrak webpage can be found here.

From 2001 there have been lineup changes in the band, what is the current status?

From 2001 to 2004 there were constant lineup changes because half of those band members weren’t taking the band as a serious thing. For them it was more of a hobby. After the recording of the song for the split EP the line up soon changed. That was even before the vinyl got released. The current lineup consists of 4 individuals: J.D. delivering the vocals, M.C. on drums, J.P. on bass and A.D. on guitar.


Your debut album was released at the end of 2007. How has it been received?

I don’t know how it has been received by people. I read some reviews (I think most of them) and they’re quite different in opinions. Some write that we are nothing but a monotone and boring copy of early Norwegian bands. Others say that that we sound somehow “refreshing” with the odd production and being from Slovenia.

Was the finished album what you intended when you originally started writing and recording?

During the recording process of the album we were quite satisfied with everything. Later we found out that there are some things that bother us. Like some mistakes for example or the sound of an instrument here and there. That was of course due to the limited time we had. On the other hand this way the album sounds more honest and spontaneous.


Crowning of the Morbid King also appeared on the 2005 demo. Were other songs written earlier?

Well I can’t really recall exactly but all the songs on the album were written from 2004 to 2006. At least I think so. With the exception of Trumpets of Malevolence which is the oldest song to appear on the album. This one was made already in 2003 but in a different form.

How has your sound progressed since the split?

The split was recorded through a mixing console directly into the recording device and more or less this was everything we did with that track.
The album was done more carefully and later being affected by mixing and mastering. It was recorded in a different place with another guy behind the knobs. Anyway no drum triggers were used or any other cheating occurred. It’s still a genuine black metal record.

The majority of members have had connections to the band Skorbut, is Somrak the continuation of this band or completely separate?

Somrak and the now defunct Skorbut are two totally separate bands. It may sound incredible, but that 3 of 4 Somrak members played at different stages in Skorbut is a pure coincidence.


DTR did a good job with the presentation. How did you want to present the booklet, artwork and CD to represent the music?

The booklet was done by one of our friends that is quite good in this field. We choose the front picture; the inlay and everything else are his ideas. I think the booklet turned out great and it goes hand in hand with the music. We would like to release the album on vinyl but for now no label showed interest.

The new logo and music seem to suggest a stronger move towards the ’style’ of “Orthodox Black Metal”. Was this a conscious decision?

I really don’t see the logo as being something of a connection to the orthodox style, as you call it. We are a black metal band so it’s obvious that the lyrics have a devil worshipping and self destructive message. We glorify loss and misery. And we carry this concept since the beginning.

We have very few arrivals from Slovenian bands, possibly just you and Torka. Do you still consider yourselves one of the very few Black Metal bands in the country?

Actually I don’t know what to say. Some years ago there weren’t any real black metal bands besides us, Torka and some anonymous projects. And now it seems like black metal bands are spawning from every corner of the country. But I’m not sure about the dedication of these bands. But at the end of the day who am I to judge them.

How difficult is it to arrange gigs for yourself in Slovenia?

Arranging gigs for ourselves in our country is no problem. We could probably play every weekend somewhere if we wanted so. The problem is getting gigs outside of our country. And this is pretty frustrating. We are trying to set up gigs in neighbour countries but with no success. We probably aren’t interesting enough for the crowd.

The Abhorred Blessings should make a strong impression. Where do you want to take Somrak from here?

The future for us is always uncertain. We’ll probably stick to making more devil tunes and carry around the smell of death and despair on live rituals. We’ll see…
Thank you for this interview.

Worship the Master of Hell.



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