GHAST album ‘MAY THE CURSE BIND’ mixing finished!

The Ghast record is finished. It’s 43 minutes long over 5 tracks. Recorded over two daze by Swine (Salute). Artwork currently being painted by Arrrrrrrrrrach. It will be released on Todestrieb in 2008! 

Two tracks are up here:

4 thoughts on “GHAST album ‘MAY THE CURSE BIND’ mixing finished!

  1. I do believe that HOARSTONE is also from Wales, and they have released an excellent record on Autumn Wind Prod.

  2. I’ve edited the post, can’t be doing with bold untruths! of course there’s another unmentioned one-man BM Welsh project from called Arawn, for that matter Beelzebub Bedlam are Welsh too, ain’t really a ‘band’ though!

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