T.O.M.B. Macabre Noize Royale documentary video complete

As has become traditional with major T.O.M.B. releases, a video has been crafted documenting the latest Black Noise epic. T.O.M.B. visited some of Pennsylvania’s darkest landmarks to collect field recordings. Smashing through metal to reawaken the agonizing history of these places. The second half of the video plays Fog Ritual over footage. Fog Ritual only hints at the diversity that awaits in the complete album.

The latest T.O.M.B. material has also been added to the official site. “Maz ov tha Damd” was recorded at Norristown State Mental Hospital on ‘Good Friday’ March 21st 2008 at 3:33am. No drums, guitars, or synth used in this track.


2 thoughts on “T.O.M.B. Macabre Noize Royale documentary video complete

  1. T.O.M.B is -with no doubt -a real precursor of a new stream,that can not be imitated by anyone.The first,and I hope ,the Only One,Precursor of Blakk Noize.This is a language of Death,that can not be spoken with any human’s lips….it is not only to hear…but to feel.Go there and stay…..or stay out.

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