Review: Remmirath – Polis Rouge

Review by: S.
Review score: 4/5

For the most part Polis Rouge is an excellent album, but at some point the experimental nature of Remmirath is going to become too much for most listeners.

My breaking point came with La Figurine Plastique and much of the title-track. Polis Rouge (the track) isn’t entirely bad, but it wanders, looses its focus and at over 11 minutes is not as tight as the other songs. La Figurine Plastique is an entirely electro track and feels completely alien to this record.
Resigned to the fact that such an abstract record will eventually roam too far, it’s a minor problem because the remaining 32 minutes are fantastic.

Remmirath have only one other release, a demo from 2005. At the time they described it as a tribute to Nordic Black Metal. It was influenced by and to a degree emulated that style, but with a genuine appreciation and understanding. Even then it seemed like a band showing their appreciation as an outsider. Polis Rouge feels like Remmirath’s first personal release, the result of four Slovanian’s with a diverse love of music and real skill. With HV focusing his Nordic passion into Temnohor, the decision was clearly made for Remmirath to be their creative outlet.

Much will be made of the irregular instruments or effects, but at its core Polis Rouge is a killer guitar driven metal album. AS and HV with session members Peter and Tomas are all very competent players, handling traditionally Black Metal riffs and bluesy solos with equal skill.
Polis Rouge is marked by its diversity, from the obvious to subtle changes in tempo, playing styles, drum rhythms. As mentioned previously the members of Remmirath are all very competent and the production is a strong studio release.
This is not a Black Metal release, it retains many musical hallmarks but lyrically it can be classified alongside Amesoeurs – generally negative reflections on our modern culture.

On the strength of this album Remmirath deserve just as much attention as other experimentally-’black’ metal bands like Lifelover. They may not have the mystique but the quality of their material is certainly strong enough.

Polis Rouge is scheduled for release later this year on Ravenheart.