Review: Rust – Rust

Review by: S.
Review score: 3/5

Fan of Darkthrone, Aura Noir? You’ll dig this.

It’s difficult to write about Rust without mentioning their influences, and perhaps presenting them as unoriginal because they are so backwards.

String bending buzz saws, loud reverb vocals, and heavy hit drums just well-enough mic’ed. This is biker jacket and aviator metal. Sharp sounds and metal uh’s! Early Darkthrone with more Hellhammer retained.
Five solid tracks. Energy, attitude, pace and spirit is crystallized in “A Dream of Skulls” and the remaining tracks build on and feed off it.

The amount of new ‘retro’ bands grows every year. Tangorodrim is notable, and Rust stands out alongside them as a quality example. This release is all about presenting Rust the idea, future releases will hopefully expand on that.

The cellar door cracks open!