Review: Zlo – Evangelium 666

Review by: S.
Review score: 4/5

In Czech metal history can anything trump Master’s Hammer’s Ritual?*

Zlo, hailing from the same country, formed to play explicitly old school metal. For inspiration there could be no other choice.

Evangelium 666 is as perfect a tribute to Czech metal circa 1990 you could hope to find. It has all the trademarks but retains an individual approach. A carbon copy could never compare.
The songs are not as diverse or inspired instead Zlo’s approach is thickly produced thrashing guitars, keyboards that cast an ambient shadow and a masterful inclusion of timpani. The guitar work is not the twisted genius of the originators; though it bears a strong resemblance with some of the melodies and general atmosphere. Vocals are roared to great effect, occasionally dual layered. These are direct anthems, ready to explode on first listen.

There is a Maniac Butcher connection, which helps explain such an accomplished debut demo, with Blasphemer on drums and Nekro of the MB-affiliated Detonator666 on guitar. An album is being prepared for the end of 2008.