Review: From Depths – Resoaring from the Depths

Review by: S.
Review score: 2/5

Symphonic Black Metal is a genre that will not garner much interest in these pages. The fact that it is used sparingly, despite labelling themselves as such several times throughout the biography, works in the bands favour.

Resoaring from the Depths (referencing their latest release since 1997) is a short MCD – three tracks, never much over four minutes, and an intro.
Heavy melodic guitars range from black metal to recognisably mainstream death / gothic metal, aided by unimposing but no less unambitious keyboards.
From Depths have incorporated ’symphonic’, modern-gothic influences since their inception in 1991. The newest material strips away some of the more blatantly mainstream elements giving it a darker, Black Metal focused atmosphere.
The genre From Depths are recording is well established and predictable, as such if your interests reach that far you will find an enjoyable sound, well executed EP, and a band with a decent history to dig into.