Review: Satanic Holocaust – Promo 2008

Review by: S.
Review score: 3/5

Satanic Holocaust is the partnership of two South American’s (Lord Blood on Drums, Lordnatt vocals, guitars and bass) living in Germany. This may normally be useless trivia, but here it explains an interesting clash of styles which translates directly into the music.
There are remnants of the South American driving pounding drums, minor thrash influence especially on the final track; but it resembles more immediately the European Black metal sound especially the guitar melodies in the first two tracks. The result is impressive.
Sexecuting Jerusalem’s Whore is a good black/war metal track lifted above mediocre by the Latin-influenced vocal delivery on the chorus. Minor but effective.
Promo 2008 is an notable first release and should be sought out by fans of both European black metal and Blasphemy-inspired war metal. We will be interested to see if the forthcoming material continues to draw from their native sound, without becoming a clone, as they could grow into a respected, unique band within a traditionally-traditional genre.