T.O.M.B. top 10 of 08

The “Pitchfork Media” website posted a big list of ‘top 10 from 2008’ votes from a variety of individuals, of varying credibility, including one with impeccable taste:

Andee, Aquarius/tUMULt

Smorzando: Smrad [Midwinter]
Woe: A Spell For The Death Of Man [Stronghold]
Have A Nice Life: Deathconciousness [Enemies List]
Frail: Brilliant Darkness [Rusty Axe]
T.O.M.B: Macabre Noize Royale (Todestrieb)
Ghaxst/Yoga: split [TDS / Choking Hazard]
Happy Days: Melancholic Memories [Midwinter]
Jumalhamara: Slaughter The Messenger [Hammer-Of-Hate]
Darkspace: III [Avantgarde]
Funereal Moon: Satan’s Beauty Obscenity/Grim… Evil… [Autopsy Kitchen]