Hateful Abandon Recording and New Interview

HATEFUL ABANDON are returning to the studio this weekend to continue working on material for the second album. Be sure to check out the official myspace page next week.

Schwarze-news.de have posted an interview with HATEFUL ABANDON.
The site is German only, but we have posted the original English response which was taken from the official myspace.
Klicken Sie hier für die HATEFUL ABANDON INTERVIEW.

1.Hello to England! Hope, you are fine. Not every of our readers will know you and your band, so please tell us some words about you and the history of Hateful abandon.

V/M – Hello! I am fine, busy drinking a nice cold can of lager.

Hateful Abandon is the culmination of an idea I dreamt up back in 2003, originally called ‘Leere’. I started playing around with riffs and music that could change mood dependant on the style of lyrics and vocals implemented. For example, a very pretty piece of music could easily turn sour with aggressive vocals or hysterical screaming layered over the top. Later on, in 2004 changed the name of the project to ‘Abandon’ and recorded a short EP entitled ‘Never-ending Black Torrent of Death’ of my four track. I was very ill with flu during the recording and perhaps the most successful quality of this recording was the fact that the illness seems to seep through the recording…it’s practically potent. ….

As for the music on the EP, despite it being picked up and released by a few labels on CD and cassette I was more than unhappy with the product. It was steeped in Black Metal imagery and sounded, well, awful. Atrocious recording and horrible digital drum machine. So having got half the ingredients right (the atmosphere) I decided to go back to the drawing board. I recorded a few more songs using a small drum-kit, but again these recordings were less than satisfactory…..

At this point I had known TomSwine (Swine, Salute) for a couple of years, and at a Motorhead gig late 2005 he expressed interest in working with me on a new record. I changed the name of the project to Hateful Abandon to distance ourselves from another couple of bands also with the name ‘Abandon’. To cut an even longer story short, HA is the result of the meeting of two very similar musical minds riding high on the fumes of sonic history, the summit of which is the newly released ‘Famine (Or Into The Bellies Of Worms)’ CD…..

2. Some of our readers perhaps know Basilisk, which owns something like a cult status in the black metal scene. Why did you put it to an end and how has Hateful abandon developed the last years to become, what it sounds now?.

V/M – I put an end to Basilisk because of the over saturation of one-man Black Metal bands of which there were hardly any when I started. I really don’t want to be part of a club with so many members! Haha. I still do Basilisk, although nothing I do nowadays will ever be released. There is no need for more Basilisk records. HA sounds like it does because it sounds like the inside of our (the band’s) brains.

3. I tried to describe your music as a mixture between Darkthrone and Joy division, where the 80s….Goth/Punk influence is in great majority. How do you agree with that?….

V/M – That’s a decent starting point! Although I have read many bands described as the above, we are the only band that REALLY sounds like it. Haha. I have to add though, our sound is not a mere ‘cross’ between genres. We do what we do and the result is a happy accident. ..

4. How can we imagine the developing process of “Famine”? ….

V/M – I’ll run you through a typical recording session for ‘Famine’;….

I arrive at the studio 11am –  we listen to loud music whilst we set up the equipment. 12pm – we unwind with a couple of energy drinks/booze, smokes and more music. 1pm – we jam a bassline for an hour or so. 2pm – record the drums. 3pm – more smoke, booze and music. 4pm – we record the guitar. From here on in we got smashed and record the vocals. Listen to the track, shoot the shit and eat kebabs up until 4am. Very great times. Nothing deeper than that I’m afraid,….

5. So, we come to my main point of criticism. Why is the album so short? I want to hear fucking more from Hateful abandon. I remember the only Basilisk album was similarly short…..

V/M – Yeah, it’s short. We simply didn’t want to put any filler on the record. It flows together beautifully and no two tracks sound the same. We wanted a short, deep, catchy pop album and I think it does the job. If people want more, well, mission accomplished! The new record (which we are recording NOW) will be longer and should be with you this year. The Basilisk CD was short because it was so damn stressful to record…..

6. How are the reactions from press and fans until now?….

V/M – Very good! Although there has been some confusion about what pigeonhole or ‘genre’ to put us in. I can only sit back and laugh when I see such a struggle. It’s Pop people…sorry…..

That said, we are truly humbled by the great response, as long as people ‘get’ it…..

7. Do you have plans to play live? ….

V/M – We do. We’ve got to put a full band together first…and that will be harder than you think. Next year maybe…..

8. You preach total artistic freedom, so, how does the future of Hateful abandon look like? Will your music develop to a more gothic or more black metal sound? Or even to something completely different?….

V/M – HA has already developed into something that is impossible to categorise. New stuff is neither more Black Metal nor more Gothic  – The wonderful thing about HA is that we can never paint ourselves into a corner. There is literally nothing that is off limits for HA. We can do what we want. The only thing I can say about the next record is that it will be ‘Famine’ multiplied by ten…..

9. Your albums of Basilisk and Hateful abandon can be “purchased” freely (and of course illegal) through the internet by blogs or torrents. What do you think about that development? Are the sales figures important to you?….

V/M – Sales figures are only important to me because I’m crazy about Todestrieb records. The more sales we have as a band, the more money the record label will have to introduce us and everybody else to great new music that deserves a product. I also think underground distribution is very important. Not to mention holding the PRODUCT rather than just having 1000’s of sound-files you’ll never listen to. Let’s face it, I’ll never make a living out of HA, and I make no money out of it, so sales to me just gives me a satisfying ego boost that someone has liked the record so much they have parted with cash for it. If someone downloads it and enjoys it, then it still nice that it’s touched them.

10. So this is the end of the interview, please feel free to tell our readers some last words!….

V/M – No last words. This is the start…we will change things.