Podcast: Amesoeurs – Album Inspirations Part 2 – Neige

Since their first recordings emerged in late 2006, Amesoeurs have made a marked impact on music – black metal in particular, if only because this genre was most isolated from the influences they brought with them. It is now common to see bands being formed that can credit their very existence to that mini CD.

As was mentioned in our early interview with the band, Les ruches malades – an early song played at their first gig – has made it onto the album (slightly updated from the split ep). You can read the full January 2007 interview with Amesoeurs here. The last question addresses how Neige and Audrey saw the album a few years before its recording.

The self-titled debut album, officially released today, will be also be the last. A final testament to this collection of talented individuals who will, through their other projects: Alcest, Les Discrets, Peste Noire etc., continue to produce exceptional music. Amesoeurs, as with many modern achievements, will fade out gracefully; leaving behind some fine moments.

And so, after all the bands they have influenced – who inspires Amesoeurs? Neige has given us several songs that have inspired him in his work with Amesoeurs.

On to the playlist…

Podcast - Amesoeurs - Neige

When Amesoeurs was born I didn’t know a lot about rock music, so I stress that these songs are not my all time favourite ones (even though I love them of course) but precisely songs that significantly influenced Amesoeurs.

  1. Joy Division – “New Dawn Fades”
    I like everything in this song; it’s quite perfect in my opinion. I feel close to its lyrics and see it like a description of hope when you recommence everything and begin to breathe the air of your coming new existence. You feel hopeful, discovering new places, new sensations, new people but that can’t prevent you from feeling a kind of melancholy and heavy heart even so. I know very well this sensation since I moved my living place a lot these last 5 years, so you can imagine that this song accompanied me hundreds of times.
    Otherwise I love the strong and beautiful bass line and the vocal progression. I think Ian Curtis made one of his most breathtaking interpretations here. At the beginning whispering quietly in a fragile way, and finishing almost screaming with so much overwhelming emotion in his voice. Pure art.
  2. For Against – “Sabres” *
  3. B-Movie – “Nowhere Girl” *
  4. Depeche Mode – “Stripped”
    We made a cover of this song at our only Amesoeurs concert, it was cool. I like the atmosphere a lot (very romantic and urban) and the melodic strength of this song. Especially the last chorus when Martin Gore and Dave Gahan sing together, so great! The most emotional Depeche Mode song for me.
  5. The Chameleons : “Second Skin” *
  6. Visage – “Fade to Grey” *
  7. New Order – “Bizarre Love Triangle”
    Too few people are able to see the qualities of New Order. Ok, they made a lot of ridiculously bad and cheesy shit, but excellent songs too that would make even the meanest metalhead shake his ass eheh! Check the album Low Life, their best one in my opinion. This song is from another album, Brotherhood, and really it’s a new wave classic, as much disco sounding as interesting on a melodic point of view.
  8. The Organ – “Brother” *
  9. Virgin Prunes – “Pagan Lovesong” *
  10. Joy Division – “The Eternal”
    Maybe one of the first JD songs I listened to. Play it driving at night in a suburb like place, with distant lights, greyish buildings, deserted football playgrounds, etc… Useless to put words on it. The sound of solitude, desolation, frozen urban beauty. I see it blue and abyssal. More than in a strict musical way, it nourished the complete Amesoeurs aesthetic and concept.
  11. Talk Talk – “Today” *
  12. A Flock of Seagulls – “Space Age Love Song” *
  13. Skeletal Family – “Promised Land”
    This song is something we could have composed. It is so similar to what I wanted to express with Amesoeurs for our 80’s passages. The combination of powerful post-punk drums and fucking catchy/melancholic riffing. All Amesoeurs listeners must give this song a try; for sure they will adore it. If I had to choose a song that best defines my vision of post-punk it would be this one.

* Avoiding the classics that I guess you already know, I will take advantage and recommend a few great new wave songs I discovered later.

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  1. Another great set, especially the Chameleons, Talk Talk, and New Order songs. I was actually a bit surprised some later shoegaze stuff, like Lush, Slowdive, the Charlottes, etc. I also expected a bit more coldwave.

    Anyways, great set!

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