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I’ve approached this podcast in a similar way that I would have approached many of the mix tapes I made during the 90s. With musical addiction! It is music that I’ve been listening to recently. I’ve omitted the over played, like songs from Appetite For Destruction, Denim & Leather, Earth A.D, Highway To Hell, Volume 4 or Wish You Were Here. I also haven’t put any of the ‘drone’ bands I’ve been listening to on here. The original playlist had about forty bands on it. I’m sure a lot of you will have already heard most of these songs, so you’ll already know their good! Click ‘DOWNLOAD’.


  1. Warning – Footsteps
    The vocals and lyrics on this wrench at the heart. It’s also a fine demonstration of how to use reverb on toms! A great song and more than a decent opener I thought. From the album ‘Watching From A Distance’.
  2. Negura Bunget – Tesarul De Lumini / Weaver of Lights
    This is the only Romanian band I know. We were booked to play an all-dayer with them last year in Manchester, then for some unfounded political reasons they were banned from playing, very disappointing! From the ‘Om’ album.
  3. Siege – Cold War
    Recorded in 1984, Siege don’t let up on this track, later on in the ‘Drop Dead’ album they break out the sax!
  4. Witchcraft – No Angel Or Demon
    Arrrrrrrach introduced me to these Swedes a few years back. This song in particular is an absolute classic to me, which of course, is what Witchcraft were aiming for. They played it live, note perfect, in my hometown last year. This is from the self-titled debut full length.
  5. Taint – I Fulfil I
    Back as a teenager watching their gigs at the Coach House underground basement, when they too were teenagers, I learned to appreciate drums, previously I’d been hooked on guitar. This track reminds me of a summer spent on and around the Llangennith Beach, in the fields beyond the sand dunes listening to this on repeat. From the 2002 Taint / B.E.R split CD.
  6. Ahab – The Sermon
    German Nautik Funeral Doom! Their album ‘The Call Of The Wretched Sea’ being inspired by Moby Dick, this track features Herman Melville’s writing as lyrics.
  7. Converge – Grim Heart / Black Rose
    Jim (Taint) got me into Converge. I had a bet running with a friend that they wouldn’t play this live once when we went to see them in Newport, they didn’t play it, and I won the bet, bitter sweet! This is from their ‘no heroes’ record.
  8. Fen – Bereft
    Fen’s new album ‘The Malediction Fields’ is very good! We cross paths playing around the UK underground circuit from time to time.
  9. Gene Krupa – Bugle Call Rag
    My friend Ray (Yohawks, Death Of Chapman Baxter) originally turned me onto Gene Krupa. It’s porn for drummers, especially if you track down some of his drum solos. We had to rip this track from the vinyl ‘The Exciting Gene Krupa’ for this podcast.
  10. Wolves In The Throne Room – I Will Lay Down My Bones Among The Rocks And Roots
    I first heard these when Arrrrrrrach showed me a live video of them playing in a barn. The relentless drums are incredible! We opened for them when they played Bristol on their recent tour. The experience of being in the room when they played pissed all over that video. This track is from the ‘Two Hunters’ record, more than a decent closer I think!

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