Salute interview in cp zine

Alright Kaptain
Turn it up… Louder! LOUDER! LOUDER!!! So when did the band turn up on this earth, and who is in the line up now? Did you have any bands before forming Salute?

Bands before the lute?? Yea, there was Castle Rat, We smoked! Played heavy daze! I handled the 4 string digger in that band..ough. Myself and Swine did a few various ‘projects’ i guess you could call them, but nothing that could be considered a band.

The first demo you had out was the Break Neck Speed Triumph, are you happy with the way this for a debut? Do you still promote it, as it’s somewhat blacker than the newer material? Is it still available?

why promote a demo? Its killer…hopefully it’ll see the light on an lp format or something with maybe a Salute keychain and wallet…heavy metal money keeper!! EEEEOUSEEEE!! AOOOOOOOAAWWW Its the future boys, ive seen it.

Your next output was on the Above the Law album from ’07. As Todestrieb is only a small label, do you know how well Above the Law has been spread beyond these isles? What’s the furthest out you’ve received feedback from? Do you know how well it’s selling?

Hopefully its spreading far and wide EPIDEMIC – PANDEMIC!!, i like to think there is a girl in South Korea banging her head kamakazzii style to sweet tones of Downtown….Maniaxxx. I know yer out there baby! This one’s for you…

There wasn’t much of a break between the release of Above the Law before you started recording the next album The Underground, so what caused the rush? (speedfreaks?…no rest for the wicked) You mentioned in Birmingham about not being happy with the sound of Above the law (The Underground seems to have lost some of the lighter rock n roll feel, being much denser sounding), but what was it you were looking to improve on with the newest one?

The sound on Above is good, it fits the mood of the album. Its true, the U.G sound has a’lot more depth, more weight! We wrote a much better record than Above, more mature and rounded. Swine wrote the majority of this one where as I wrote most of Above, I tend to lean toward writing the rockers where he writes the pumpers.

The last two albums have leant heavily towards the early sounds of Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. But do you want to be banded together with Warhammer, Apokalyptic Raids, Nordic Mist or any of the other Hellhammer worshippers, as little more than a tribute (or a salute to the old guns) band? Or do you want to be judged purely on your own material rather than being continually compared to the old masters? But would this mean that you’d have to drop the Ooough! at some point?!?

Drop the Ough…haha are you kidding? Thats the whole reason the band exists!! OUUGH! We’ve barely scratched the surface…OUGH! you want another?? OUGHGHH!! OUUUUUSEE

Banded together with the other CF/Hellhammer worship bands…? No!

Influences are encouraged and run strong for sure, old ways cannot be ignored but Salute has its own sound, its own vision, its own purpose. Apok Raids kill and i love them but i wouldnt personally feel satisfied if I was in a band that was that close to homage, its one away from changing your name to Thomas Fischer, speaking German and thinking its cool to be hang out with 1349.

Is it true that chanting Ooough! backwards 666 times over an open grave is enough to wake the Reaper? Only the mounds are deaf…

It is. I thought that was myth until I did it one drunken evening…REAAAPER PER PERRR!!

Aside from the Frosty influence, you’ve got a nice mixture of the grittiness of crust punk along with the bulldozing raw power of the Kilmister in his prime. But where do the main influences to create this lo-fi music come from? If it’s your lifestyle/social environment, why is it that no one else in England can play this kind of ballsy metal any longer???

Its impossible to place where it comes from, me and Swiney channel everything into the music, emotions/dreams/visions etc and this is how it sounds, if my head was attached to a loudspeaker then ‘lute would be blasting out. THRASH MAD! WISIONS OF THE GODS! PROCREATION OF THE NITE!

All of your recordings, were they recorded in your own rehearsal bunker? What prevents you from recording in a ‘professional’ studio? Finances? Or just that you enjoy your own freedom as far as recording deadlines go? What kind of equipment and guitars are you using? How does the writing process go into making a complete song?

Yea we record all our stuff in the bunker, THE COMPOUND!! we want complete control and although it can be a total ballache going through the recording process ourselves, on the whole it works out better and is ultimately rewarding. The bunker can almost be considered integral to our music, we can record as and when we want, infuse new ideas and if needed pour booze and drugs all over ourselves. It would be nice to be able to go into ‘pro’ studio and lay down tracks and whatever and let some other monkey do all the mixing etc, but I think it would be boring and frustrating, myself and Swine want to get our hands dirty. Equipment wise, nothing spectacular, but it’s getting better…I use old battered amps and crusty cabs how i get my sweet tones. Swine is a little more careful, he likes to polish his up…how he rolls

If I was to find a flaw in Salute, perhaps I could say you need a few more ripping leads. But this seems a problem with most bands these days, there aren’t too many that have managed to fully master their axe. Is this keeping in with the punk tradition of ‘it’s not what you play on the guitar, but how you play it’? How long have you been playing guitar, and how often do you spend practicing and in rehearsals?

Ripping leads?? Flaws in the ‘lute? what are you saying??? I can outrip both Tipton and Downing together brother…watch out!! I honestly cant play the guitar, never practice, cant even tune it, dangerous ways!!

Now for the inevitable ‘lyrical’ line of questioning… except the promo of The Underground doesn’t include any! So choosing two songs at random, what are Dr. Faust and Cargo of Loss about? Are the lyrics written to promote a certain ideology, or just about trying to cram in as many metalloid sounding words into a sentence as possible?

Dr Faust is about the legendary figure who made a PACT with the devil, In return for knowledge, wealth and women, he would give his soul to the devil after 25 years. In this instance Dr Faust does the deal and then hits the town to thrash mad and stove in women of the night!! YOU KNOW THAT’S RITE!!

You’ve recently penned a deal with Witches Brew to have The Underground pressed onto black wax. How will the artwork and layout differ from on the promo? Any chance of a collage? Will there be a CD version as well, or just the vinyl?

No vinyls as yet matey just cds…..

You’ve played a few shows up and down the country now, and if I’m not wrong have some Euro trips planned (or played?) with the Thor lover of OLD. But how has the reaction been in the UK? Most people here tend to waltz around with arms folded, turning their nose up at ‘drunken idiots’, so have you been given a warm welcome by the locals? What does a Salute live show involve, beyond heavy drinking?

We did a gig in Porto a few weeks back, it was a disaster….we couldn’t of played worse if we tried…bad tunings and drunken fuel; Apologies to anyone who paid money to watch that car accident of a performance…it wont happen again haha

Its true gigs in the UK can be stale with people stood there like lemons, but there aint much you can do about that. A Salute show normally involves a few games of cards pre-show whilst we douse ourselves in the free boozes, check out the local talent, a brief sound check followed by a backstage argument as to who forgot to bring a 9 volt. Salute then play 8 of the best from our ‘ahem’ solid back catalogue, we sometimes chuck in a cover…..then its drink/drugs time. END

Your vocalist Swine also plays in the band Swine, whose demo was the closest thing I’ve heard to capturing Von’s hypnotic pulse (maybe cus he stole a few of their riffs hehe…). Was this demo a one off recording, or will there be more in the future? Are you involved in any other projects? (is there a new Hateful Abandon album out soon?)

Similar to VON? First person to mention that, i’ll let him know.. I think he’s gonna do another PRAISE SATAN PRAISE SATAN PRAISE SATAN PRAISE SATAN PRAISE SATAN PRAISE SATAN. Im not involved in anything else, as far as H.A is concerned you’d have to ask them.

Once The Underground gets pressed, do you have anymore material you’re working on?

We’ve got some new irons on the go, a track called England which is a little nasty number, and some other daggers…be warned, Album number 3 will be fierce

Alright, we might as well close the bar up here, so the final calls are whose arm is it on the cover of Above the Law? And who does the scream at the beginning of 2 bit punk? Stay drunk, and stay ugly. Cheers!

The arm on the cover? No idea.

The scream? That’s the sound of the last divkid who tried to test the ‘lute…he was wearing an Arch Enemy shirt and stepped up…Ousee!!