Ghast complete new recordings for Terrible Cemetery EP

Ghast recently returned to The Compound studio (Salute, Hateful Abandon) to record their forthcoming EP Terrible Cemetery. This is the follow up to their debut album May the Curse Bind and continues the distinctive Black-Doom Metal style that characterised the LP. The forthcoming EP will be just under 30 minutes with the majority taken up by the epic twenty minute title-track highlight. This song alone embodies and improves the strengths of Ghast – slow miserable Doom building to a mournful centrepiece that crumbles into Black Metal. All with Ghast’s distinct musical sound, Compound production and wretched vocals.
In addition to the mammoth title track, an older song has been re-recorded which will be the opener: O Akhea Rheon.
If you have wanted to hear more from Ghast after the album, your patience will be rewarded!

Disc format will be handled by Todestrieb Records, a vinyl edition is tentatively scheduled on a separate label – details to be posted when confirmed. All editions will be available in the Distro.

Mixing and mastering will be completed over the next few months, no release date has been set.