Hateful Abandon News for 2010 – Recording Starts October 16

Hateful Abandon will return to The Compound to continue recording material for the next album on October 16 2009, including an adaptation of Cold Blessed from the Abandon ep Never-ending Black Torrent of Death.
Swine has posted an update at the official myspace page talking about the next record and the recording approach:

…. UPDATE FROM THE COMPOUND… During this year we’ve been recording new tracks for the next H.A album. Originally we wanted to get it out this year but as everyone knows every year that goes past, go past like a fuckin hell-bullet train.. SHIT! Anyway the songs we have, the completed ones, are much darker than previous, and all songs will continue that way… probably. Most importantly we’re gonna spend more time on production this time, and because of this a finish date is yet to even be considered. The last album smokes and i’m CRAZILY happy to have hooked up with the big ‘V/M’ (STALKER MAN)for this stuff. BUT….. We record Digital style… its what we have and what we can afford. If it were my way we would have a whole analog studio up and running and do it the old way. So this is the goal for the next album. As many sounds as possible are gonna be created without any computer involvement. Its the only way forth. But it’ll take time…. Stop the blag, hit the sounds….. THE NEW H.A A.S.A.P Swine

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