New Hateful Abandon Song Posted – Human Clockwork

Hateful Abandon have posted a new recording (in an early mix) on their myspace page.

New song uploaded, ‘Human Clockwork’. A dark brooding track with a big finish. Listen to it.
Pure Hateful Abandon.

If you have been following the band for a while you should recognise the second-half riff from an early recording, Devil Meat, which was posted on the official website for a while although never released.

Visit the Hateful Abandon myspace page now to listen to Human Clockwork and get an idea how the material is progressing for the next album!


White knuckle tension
Falling in time with heartbeats
Exposed flesh, burning pulse
Racing iris, back and forth

Jaw clench, tendon snap
Rotten harvest
Bleak teardrop, clay heart
Blood struggles, man-made vein

I can’t force what isn’t there
I can’t pretend any more

Any more.


One thought on “New Hateful Abandon Song Posted – Human Clockwork

  1. Best thing we’ve ever done in my opinion…it’s only going to get better. Watch this space!


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