Ghast London Gig Reviewed In Terrorizer

Ghast’s September 19th gig was recently reviewed in Terrorizer magazine. Full review below. Photos from the gig here.

Swansea’s doom-tinged black metal outfit Ghast bring an appropriately ominous air to the evening’s proceedings, and their utterly engaging mix of Darkthrone meets hypnotic Blut Aus Nord speed and moments of ‘Monotheist’ Celtic Frost and Burning Witch’s twisted doom is completely mesmerising from start to finish. Like a grotesque demon that’s clawed it’s way up from the bowels of hell, its huge form blocking all light and leaving you no choice but to stare in fear and awe at its hideous and commanding visage. Band of the night by a large margin, and proof if ever needed that you really don’t need to go very far (Wales in this case) to find utterly essential UKBM.