Podcast: Kriglord of Godless Priests – Ten Inspiring Works

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A list of ten (non-hierarchical) songs that I think of as inspiring works, etc. etc.

  1. Alien Goodbyes by Tangerine Dream from the OST Wavelength (’83)
    Being a fan of Edgar Froese and Peter Baumann, etc, I partake my share of “vicissitude enhancing” substances we’ll say, and when I seek sound to mimic my wondering this is often my choice for tuning out. Never saw the flick, you probably haven’t either, anyhow, enjoy this melodic and spacey post-70’s Tangerine Dream sound.
  2. Eye Of The Hurricane by Fraction from the album Moon Blood (’71)
    Great band out of LA, one l.p. wonders, mixes a cool blend of The Doors influenced rock accessibility with fuzzier psychedelic sounds of the era. The vocals drive this song over the edge of awesome, but expect some killer lead work, and proficient structure to match. Made to expand perspective (in smoke), this is a pretty representative sound to the heavier underground elements in southern California during the early 70s. Tune in…
  3. Aguirre I (Lacrime Di Rei) by Popol Vuh from the original soundtrack Aguirre: The Wrath Of God (’72)
    Brilliant Krautrock melodics, with choirs pulsing under deep tones pushing the patterns onward in a meditative cloud. A great soundtrack for an awesome movie, by a legendary director, and with Kinski’s image indelibly attached to these songs, I find this stuff pretty fucking epic. The contrast of the dimming of the dynamics, and that of the higher notes brightness, passing through darkly melodic harmonies brings a perfect mournful theme of paradise lost. A relative quality to a lot of what I enjoy. Native antara like sound at the end is a nice touch to close this out.
  4. Bitches Sin by Bitches Sin from the album 12 Pounds And No Kink (’80)
    A classic NWOBHM track from my pick for the bands best release, as this demo is packed with great Priest, Deep Purple, and Sabbath style riffing. This song really epitomizes the blues influence on the rhythms in the bands sound, and the then new British metal extremism. Aggressive, and neck wrenching heaviness pounds along with frenzied rebellion, and an insane solo tears your face off with total metallic force.
  5. Suicide by Rage from the album Reign Of Fear (’86)
    With a power/speed metal sound, and thrashy leans, this is some really cool old school metal. Everything about it just screams mid 80’s (this sound reminds me a lot of Raven before they went to shite). Suicide is
    a pretty metal topic, and has been used widely, and I suppose there’s two choices one probably has to make: end the suffering, or get angry, which takes us to the next track.
  6. 99 Stab Wounds by GG Allin from the album Murder Junkies (’91)
    I enjoy a fair bit of punk rock, but when I think about the ideals I most enjoy in punk music, I find GG pretty much embodies them at their utmost extreme. This is a classic track featuring Antiseen, recorded shortly after GG was released from prison. The message of the song is pretty succinct, I mean, who hasn’t felt the sadistic imp of abject hate pushing on them? Society is generally that worthless,… most of the time.
  7. There Are No Rules by Hallow’s Eve from the album Tales Of Terror (’85)
    An anarchist anthem with a punk punch. Aggressive and ugly, this could easily have been a Plasmatics song. Lyrically hits religion, politics, and all in between, and well, as the title suggests, “there are no rules”.
  8. Bastard Sons Of Ignorance by Sarcophagus from the album Requiem To The Death Of Passion (’98)
    Killer line up on here. This is a choice track which mixes a black, slightly melo-death sound, with short symphonic moments, and Akhenaten’s angry throat of hate. Seems like you can really hear the influences of bands from Sweden and Poland, of the same era. A lot of great metal bands from around Chicago IL, this is but one.
  9. Unblessed by Obtained Enslavement from the album Centuries of Sorrow (’94)
    Typifying melodic black metal track from the bands debut, mixing some interesting ideas with what was to become a traditional Norwegian sound. Definitely not the clean technical music the band would later put out, but much rawer, and more aggressive. The indecipherable, stressed, and cacophonous sound Pest’s vocals deliver on here is vicious.
  10. In The Fog by Astrofaes from the album Idea.Form.Essence (’07)
    I remember ordering Heritage from ISO666, long long ago, and really digging the direction the band was going in, relative to the Eyes Of The Beast release two years prior. Continued to pick up their releases, and though I recommend a good majority, I think this song ideally represents what these guys are capable of. Awesome track, captures that vivid melodic sense of wonder towards the unknown, and meditative, primal, blasting aggression. Great pagan black metal!

Thanks for the interview, enjoy the music.

– Kriglord

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