My Band HATEFUL ABANDON, Life, Music and Other

V/M – Hateful Abandon’s Guitar, Bass, Voice, Words, Assembly, and Tone has started a personal site.
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Here is an early Hateful Abandon related post, looking back at Famine a year or so after release and talking about future plans for 2010 and beyond.

My band HATEFUL ABANDON, life, music and other

Hateful Abandon are my favourite band. Not that I have a huge ego, or because I have a messiah complex (although I do), or even that I think we are better than anyone else, but because of the possibility of what comes next.

We can do anything with HA, something I’ve said before ad infinitum, but so what? It’s a huge deal to me to have the freedom that we’ve blessed with to shape my thoughts and ideas. You’re going to hear some great things from the band this year as the next album is shaping up to be something really special. The irony is that not that many people will hear it. Not because of any failure on the record company’s part, nor because we haven’t got a presence on the Internet or the media, it’s because we are so hard to MARKET to any particular group of people and because we don’t have a BAND together to raise hell on a stage.

The last album, Famine, was a great starting point and a pretty good record, more importantly it cemented my relationship with Swine and I could begin to see what we would become. If I had anything particularly bad to say about the debut album I would certainly pick out the less original tracks such as ‘Painters Rope’ and ‘Riding the Blade’. I still like the songs, but they were derivative of a ‘Post-punk’ band and had the carbon copy bass lines to boot. I see this as a side-effect bought on by the freedom of breaking out of a certain ‘mould’. Nevertheless, it won’t happen on the new record.

The big problem I’m facing now is that I want people to re-evaluate their opinions and thoughts on HA because I know what we’re doing now is so much more special. Alas, it’s not finished…I have pre-second album depression. Brilliant.

Going back to the HA as a live band situation, even if we got a band together, who would we play to? Is there an audience? I don’t think there is. We should have been born earlier, or at least I should, Swine’s main band Salute, apart from being great, are doing very well and seemingly on their own terms. Can’t think of anything to say about that other than heart bursting pride for the lads and an envy bordering on the psychotic.

So, what can you expect in 2010? New album ‘Next Question’ should be heading out this Summer and will be harder edged than anything that has come previously. That’s not to say it will be ‘heavy’, if anything it’s even further from the Metal stuff I used to record. Expect a sharp drop in the ever dwindling Mypace friends list (semi-serious/sarcastic). Also I will be doing some solo stuff as well, I have loads of ideas that wouldn’t be suitable for HA. Just myself and an acoustic guitar. I don’t know who will put this out but I’ve never been short of offers, just fans (again semi-serious).

I’m going to write a book about my life as well, it’s been a pretty interesting one really. Mainly observing the way other people behave. I’ll publish this myself if necessary.

To 2010 then. Raise a beer…


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