Odisseia – She is Sacred and Sinner

Odisseia have not been massively active since their inception in 2001. The first studio recordings come from 05, and this demo remains the only release. Following another lengthy spell, including several member changes, She is Sacred and Sinner is being presented as a 2010 single.

Odisseia take influence from early heavy and speed metal, a slightly earlier era than most new retro bands. Influence does draw back further, into proto-metal from the late sixties and seventies (Deep Purple, Rainbow). On this track in particular you can certainly hear some Running Wild and Diamond Head. More punch this time, and not just the production. Still not fully formed, and a band finding their sound, but the renewed approach -’85 speed metal- could lead to an interesting album.

You can download their 2005 demo (uploaded and made available by the band) here: http://rapidshare.com/files/6386836/Odiss_ia.rar.html

[ She is Sacred and Sinner from “She is Sacred and Sinner” single; out 2010 self-released ]


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