Hypothermia – Skogens Hjarta

Opening with stark/sparse post-rock melancholia, accented by jarring ugly guitar stabs, these first minutes set the tone for a 69 minute song and Hypothermia’s fourth full-length release.
As if waking from then slipping back into a haze, elements appear and disappear. A single guitar (electric but cleaned of distortion) carries the melody, drums follow a rigid pattern, and a second distorted guitar provides a droning counter-balance. This order repeats, each instrument joining and departing. The Hypothermia ‘trademark’ is repetitive music (in the most positive sense) which has been improving and incorporating new styles since the early demos, and this daydream of a song continues the formula with great success.

Hypothermia is making this album available for free, you can donate some money as a sign of appreciation on this page.

[ Skogens Hjarta from “Skogens Hjarta”; 2010 self released ]