Have a Nice Life – The Icon and the Axe

It has been a few years since the release of Deathconsciousness, an album that sprung from obscurity and earned Have a Nice Life much deserved attention. A new album is in progress, but if it’s anything like Deathconsciousness the process will be fragmented and lengthy. New material is in demand and now is the perfect time — fresh from their first live performance and just ahead of two shows supporting Alcest’s east coast tour.
Have a Nice Life again blend post-rock, doom, industrial, shoegaze, and heavy ambient with home-brew production. This song is part of a four track EP, Time of Land, a compilation of songs “we kind of fell into while working on our next full-length album”. Aside from being welcome new material, The Icon and the Axe, and the complete EP, indicate another full-length album that can match Deathconsciousness in quality and scope. It continues the completely personal sound, DIY approach, and the deep melancholy that seems to haunt everything this group produce.

The only physical copies were sold at that first show, but the band have now made it available to download.
Download the complete Time of Land EP here.

[ The Icon and the Axe from “Time of Land” EP; 2010 Enemies List ]